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Dear Large Companies (From One Disgruntled Employee, ME!)

I wrote a very similar version of this post to my employer’s Human Resources manager via email……..safe to say I’ve probably lost my job! 


Dear large companies who employ a lot of people,

Your business practises are a steaming pile of parasitic batshit! I have worked for a large company for about 8 years now, and I enjoy it, still to this day even. It’s easy work for the most part and it pays very well. The company in question is a large Supermarket, one of the biggest in my country.

What I question most of all, is this;

As a way for your company to save money, a very commonplace thing you do is to cut the shifts of the employees down a lot. I have suffered this for about a year now. I used to get 3 or 4 shifts a week, now I’m down to 1. I’m sorry, but 70 to 100 dollars a week is NOT enough to live on, I’m sure you head honchos understand this, don’t you, as you drive your mid-range BMW into the casino carpark and then struggle to come up with enough coins to pay the valet, right?!

I understand that you need to make profits…yadda yadda yadda. BUT, there must be a way to make profits WITHOUT alienating your most reliable and skilled employees (like me). Cutting shifts back to miniscule amounts only makes employees feel worthless and depressed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driven to drink because I’ve finished my shift, and my boss comes up to me and says “You don’t need to work tomorrow, we’ve had to cut shifts back”, like I’m doing THEM a fucking favour by not working for a measly 180 dollars a week! ENOUGH!

And I have indeed approached my bosses and asked very timidly if I could possibly, possibly have just ONE extra shift, and they reply with the same monotonous, robotic response, “Well sorry, we’ve been told we have to cut shifts” (best read in a robot voice to get the full effect), then they walk away!

And also, I’d love to know how the HELL the department bosses are chosen! It sure has nothing to do with their skills in leadership or their dedication to their work, why? Because most of the time they do NOTHING! They walk around the store on their phones talking to their friends, how is this allowed! I am so desperate right now, I am actually willing to go full whistleblower………I will spill all the beans about who is incompetent and why they’re not fit for their position. Trust me, I’ll do it. Nothing instills strength, leadership and dedication like seeing your boss talking on his phone about what he’s doing on the weekend!

This company I work for is nothing more than utterly hypocritical. You claim to be all about the South Australian spirit, and keeping everything South Australian…….well, one way you could do this would be to treat your employees, ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIANS,  well enough so that they feel secure and happy in their job! Eh?

As things stand I simply cannot suggest to one of my unemployed friends to seek a job with this company. Because no matter how well you do the job, no matter how good you are with the customers etc, you will have your hours cut because the company wants to save a few thousand dollars a day, and only that.

I’ve an idea, how about you increase the price of EVERYTHING in the store by, let’s say, 2 cents. I’d imagine that that would cover the cost of having workers work more than one fucking shift a week! Wouldn’t it?

This just goes to show, and now I am FULLY convinced of it, that the people who earn lots of money, the business people who make the decision to disregard the lives and needs of its employees, are some of the least intelligent people in the entire world! They have NO original ideas at all, they all just run off a script written eons ago by similarly minded money hungry sociopaths!

Anyway, if anything, this message has gone to show that I have a flair for language and a stylistic way of communicating. So if there are any jobs going in the Marketing or Copywriting areas, give me a ring!




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