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Falling, down, up and around,

in perpetuity, forever.

Trailing off, a rock in space,

comes our way.


Warning signs all over,

news stations blare!

Panic among the people,

looting, raping, rioting,

TEN DAYS until it hits us,

ten days and counting.


T MINUS one day,

the people fall quiet,

they know what’s up!


The day of the event comes up fast,

the atmosphere BOOMS and blasts!

That rock in space has come into our place.

Hurling towards our ground,

“RUN TO THE HILLS” shouts all around!


The rock in question SMASHES the Earth,

the pacific ocean to be exact,

but no one cares for exactness,

when ten mile high waves are heading for their asses!


The Earth stops spinning for a brief second,

the noise of the event is heard round the world!

the sky falls grey with ash,

the ground quakes like 1906 San Francisco!


Hawaii is buried forever under the immense waves and blast radius.

The west coast of America is no more,

Japan, China and Korea is gone!

No one escapes the end of the world!


Ten months after the event,

ironically, the Earth is as healthy as it’s ever been!

No planes flying, no cars driving,

industry has halted, pollution is not thriving!


Humans are sparse, but they’re surviving,

Every now and then, the Earth needs a detox,

big rock comes, reset button pressed.

On the plus side….no more Justin Bieber or One Direction!

The remaining people are glad of that fact,

reverted to caveman days they have,

Living the way homo sapiens were supposed to all along!



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