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How do I detox my body, my shell, my meat-wagon?

I know I shall need to drink a shitload of water, green tea and so on. But what do I eat? Nothing? Very little? How long do I do this for? One week?

I actually have a very healthy diet, although I really do eat a lot of starchy things – bread and rice and pasta etc, but I get lots of vegetables and vitamin C. I NEVER eat fast food, no McDonalds or any of that gross shit. When I do eat something that could be considered bad is pizza, but it’s great, homemade gourmet pizza from a place near me, not Pizza Hut or any of that bland stuff.

Starting Monday, what shall I do?;

  1. Drink at least, I don’t know, 4 litres of water a day? Water with lemon juice added of course.
  2. No more coffee?
  3. Eat more garlic, ginger, vegetables and stuff?
  4. Cut out the starch?
  5. Weep a lot as my parents eat pizza!?
  6. Actually start to exercise again? 20 pushups should do it, I’ve become so unfit, yet my body wouldn’t show it, I have a typical swimmer’s body (thin, broad shoulders, narrow waist, big feet etc), but I couldn’t possibly swim one full lap of a pool right now!

Detox plans are actually probably a little bit useless, you know, because, our bodies have their own vastly intricate and complex detoxing systems in place, and unless you’re actually very very ill, going on a detox probably won’t do anything, but I still want to give it a try for myself.

So, water, water, kale salad, water, water, garlic breath……shall be my life for the next week or so. I hope I feel better afterwards, otherwise, I shall get very mad and binge on a MASSIVE bowl of thick, heavy pasta with lots of cheese and olive oil! Aw yeah.



3 thoughts on “Detox!

  1. Dr. Charly in the house! First, lots and lots of wáter since it cleans the kidneys as well as the liver, Green tea two times a day it serves as a protector to the stomach. White meat is good, salt and spicy things are bad, red meat is also not good, pasta is good but not mix it with heavy cheese, put some vegies on it, don´t eat in large quantities in one single meal but spread small quantities of meals throughout the day. Those are some basic things. I could go on dow the list, but if you really want to start with that. Also try not to mix for example if you make a salad, don´t put cheese with tunna, e.t.c. Basically don´t overload your body with too many proteins. For example lettuce, tomato, and some olives and if you have olive oil that much the better. Red tea is also good, I take that one in the morning since it cleans whatever shit is in your blood vessels.

    Posted by charlypriest | October 17, 2015, 4:56 pm

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