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Engines and their Sounds!

Inline 4 cylinders – (the most common type of engine for small cars worldwide) At worst, they drone like a set of awful bagpipes, just lower pitched. At best, they spit and gurgle and have a great throaty, racy sound to them.

Inline 5 cylinder – (very uncommon engine due to balance issues etc) They only have one sound, a sound of pure melodic beauty, a lovely chime they make, like a V10 cut in half but in a good way!

Inline 6 cylinder – (also very common) At worst, they have such a boring drone sound. At best….well, there isn’t a best, they all sound like shit!

V6 – (ultra common engine) At worst, they also drone in an uninteresting way. But, but, at best, they have the greatest throaty, raucous, angry hive of bees sound to them. Probably my favourite engine noise of all.

V8 – (Murica!) They all just sound awesome! Nuff said.

V10 – (not common, unless you buy a super expensive hypercar) Melodic, like an inline 5 times 2! You can rev the nuts off them and they only sound better the higher you go!

V12 – (you’ll never own one!) They shriek and wail like banshees! They actually hurt your ears and your chest if you stand close enough!

But, the best engine noise ever belongs to a little known beastly car;

The BRM V16 Formula One car built in 1947! This car had an extraordinary engine. It had a 1.5 litre V16 engine, with insane supercharging boost as well of course.


That’s the engine, to give you an idea, it’s about the size of a small fridge!

And this video below will give you an idea of how it actually sounded, you’ll have never heard any engine like it ever!



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