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What Do I Have?

I have 4 patches of red, flaky, somewhat itchy but not very itchy skin on my face! Two patches on my inner cheeks, just close to my nose, one patch on my upper lip/moustache hair area, and another patch right in between my eyebrows. It comes and goes in severity, if I wipe off the flakes of skin, it stays red underneath, it’s not a huge problem I’ll be honest, but it’s annoying because it’s right on my damn face! About a month ago, I shaved my beard off completely and the redness seemed to go away for a few days, but now it’s back with or without the beard hair. I know it can’t be ingrown hairs, because it’s on my cheeks, and I know it’s not some kind of horrible infection, because the skin flakes, I wipe it off, the skin grows right back, it just stays red though???

Is it psoriasis?

Is it something to do with my alcohol use, a weakened immune system thing? I have an inkling that it may very well be something to do with my alcohol abuse, the last time I shaved my whole beard off, washed my face thoroughly with all sorts of skin care things, I didn’t drink for 8 days, that was when the redness and flakes went away initially. But for 4 days now I haven’t had a drink, and the redness isn’t going away at all.

Is it just a phase?

Will I ever have my face back? A face that has been described by quite a few women as ‘very pretty’, don’t know if that’s a good thing really, it’s never been described as sexy or hot, just ‘pretty’ lol. Is a ‘pretty’ man’s face a good thing?

I hate this redness on my face, I want it gone with haste!

Honestly though, any ideas on what it is, people?



11 thoughts on “What Do I Have?

  1. it sounds like it might be psoriasis, my partner has it, but his effects nearly 60% of his body

    Posted by itsgoodtobecrazysometimes | October 8, 2015, 4:47 pm

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