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NASA (the Naughty Americans Sending out Astronauts) announced something grand and awesome today or yesterday, can’t figure out which it was with the time difference between Houston and Australia, should probably ask NASA about it, they’re smart, they’d know!

But, they found……….running water, liquid water on the surface of Mars, our ugly little brother planet. This could mean that there is life on Mars after all. It would have to be the tiny, microscopic kind of life, and not the fat tourists dipping their fat toes in the hotel pool-type of water based life! The microbes would arguably be more intelligent anyway.

Life on Mars could have seeded life on Earth via asteroidal impacts smacking off of Mars and landing here on Earth!

The thing is, everywhere you find water on Earth, you find life, in VAST quantities! So the same might well be the case for Mars. And another thing, wherever you find small, exotic lifeforms on Earth, you find rich-beyond-belief dickheads who are willing to eat it or destroy it somehow!

Just thank whichever God you believe in that they found water instead of oil! It’s weird isn’t it? “Water found on Mars”, “meh I don’t care, big whoop” say the rich people who control the world……but “Oil found on Mars!” “Holy fucken shit, we gotta build a private spaceship to go to Mars, there’s fucking oil there, Sebastian…put that swan down, we can eat it later!”

Oil, a liquid that is literally destroying our planet, is more important in the eyes of the people who hold the most wealth and power, than water is…..the only liquid that sustains us and the planet perfectly!

Fuck this world, I’m moving to Mars, might set up a nice Waterpark, with a beautiful view of the fiery, collapsing Earth…

bye 🙂



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