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You’re Not Unique! (rant)

You aren’t as unique as you’d like to think are you? No.

Think about it, you can’t be! You’re made up of 90 percent water, and all water is exactly the same! What is your body’s water doing differently to everyone elses!? Nothing! Also, studies have shown that people make their minds up about decisions up to 6 seconds before they actually make that decision consciously! So the real question is, how are you so annoying without even thinking about being annoying 6 seconds before you open your mouth!

I know you think you’re ‘crazy’ and ‘wild’ and ‘unique’, but sorry, according to science, you’re not. We probably don’t have free-will anyway, so no one could ever be unique if we really don’t have free-will, because all of our actions and decisions are out of our control, it’s all just brain chemistry doing its thing according to the stimulus it receives and the genetic predispositions people have. It’s quite scary to think that we really don’t have free-will, because we all feel like we are the authors of our own decisions. But if we aren’t, then I’m okay with that. The idea of free-will doesn’t actually make any sense in the current understanding of the laws of physics. Because our brains are made up of physical matter, and physical matter can only behave within the laws of physics. The rock doesn’t fall down the mountain because it wants to, it rolls down the mountain because of purely physical laws. The same must be true for our brains………unless…….we humans…..are MAGICAL! I’m hoping we are!

People who actually are crazy, don’t go around talking about how crazy they are, because in their insane minds, they don’t think anything is wrong with them at all, as they go about their business cooking kittens and yelling at pot plants!

It’s totally okay for you to think that you’re special and unique, that’s great, maybe you’re one of the rare few people who actually ARE! But, if you’re a very attractive woman in her early-mid 20’s and think you’re so unique and crazy, then odds are you’re not, in any way, you’re just trying to build up something other people will maybe attribute to you other than your fantastic looks – the same absolutely applies to young men as well, maybe even more so.

True uniqueness, in the most extreme cases, isn’t something to be proud of or put up every week on FaceBook. It’s a hellish existence to be so unique that you can’t relate to normal people properly.

So, maybe you’re unique, maybe you’re not, my point is……………..uhm, I’m not sure!



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