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Stream Of Consciousness! (poem)

Turgid malarky,

Frigid capacity,

out of the darkness,

comes embodied mendacity!


Brimming with pride,

swimming in brine!

Tuna fish under threat,

from human driven dread!


Waiting for a change,

a good one that helps all,

praying for agreeable arrangements!

massive paperwork streams leave progress stalled.


We watch boxes of colour for several years of our lives,

we talk to people we don’t like on phones tuned into the airwaves!

We work jobs we HATE, for bosses we HATE more,

we trick ourselves into happiness with materialism galore!


We write poetry like this,

to voice our thoughts!

we drink poisonous things,

to rid ourselves of these thoughts!


We battle with people who we don’t like,

we fight wars with people over land, food and oil,

we create the most staggering amounts of strife,

we send men to die over things, and the families rejoice royally!


Seething pains all over your body,

this isn’t fair, you did nothing!

Headaches, toothaches, back pain and other parts,

the human body is a poorly made farce!


We buy things we don’t need,

money that could be used to feed,

the poorest people on Earth,

but no, “We want iPhone!” they say in dirges!


Massachusetts is a funny name,

so is Connecticut come to think of it!

America in itself is a strange place,

full of fatty foods and police brutality!


I’m watching the TV right now,

Manchester City is playing West Ham,

Kompany is out, David Silva is too,

that’s a shame, their 2 best players sick with flu!


I’m going to end this poem right here right now,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rambling tune,

Nothing else to write about, a mental drought,

Goodbye my lovelies, I love all of you!


LOL, this was odd, thanks for reading, means a lot. Don’t be afraid to leave a “like” or a “comment”. I respond to ALL comments by the way, and I respond with the sort of rigour and vinegar you’d expect from an ancient jar of Iraqi vinegar or somethin’, I dunno, just tryin out a jokey type thing!

Bye! 🙂



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