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What I’m Scared Of!

Here’s a list of what I’m scared of; (you probably got as much from the title, but yeah)

  1. Terrorism – I’m scared some nutjob might let off a bomb in a public place where I am
  2. World War 3 – We all know it’s coming, no need to be afraid I guess, just prepared! I might even fight in it if things are so bad that conscription gets reintroduced.
  3. Tottenham becoming a bottom-ladder team – If my beloved Tottenham Hotspur sink low enough to be relegated, I’ll be fucking crushed!
  4. Rollercoasters – I will not EVER go on one of those death-traps! Fuck off!
  5. Various illnesses – cancer is the big one, I know I’ve already drank enough alcohol in my short life to increase my risk of cancer by ten billion fold! AIDS is another one, but that seems to be on the way to being cured. Influenza epidemic like the Spanish Flu of WW1 – 18 million dead! yeesh!
  6. My eventual ascension into full-blooded self-sufficiency, when I move out of home and get a house of my own with enough income to do whatever I like, I’m scared of this because I think I could very well drift into a terminal alcohol binge from which I will die! I don’t want this to happen, but it’s certainly a possibility.
  7. Never asking that girl out for a date, that girl I’m thinking of right now, she haunts me every waking moment, damn her, yet god bless her, but mainly damn her at this point!
  8. Feminist radicals and other left wing radicals en masse deciding that certain words can never be used again. People that think ‘fat shaming’ is a valid thing to get angry about – enough! The vast majority of fat people are fat because they eat a lot of things, most of them will tell you just this – but no, fat people aren’t able to be criticized at all! Piss off!
  9. The fact that my penis is just TOO big – I mean, it won’t fit in most girls I ‘cohabit’ with, woe is me, my life is roooooned!
  10. If robots take over – they simply will at some point, maybe in our own lifetimes, but once they do, it means the end of all manual jobs as we know it. So much unemployment, so much turmoil – something interesting to look out for!

So…..uh…see ya!



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