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Ever Get That Feeling? The Mother Of All Writer’s Blocks! A Big Brick of Pure Blockness!

Ever get that feeling?

That feeling that you know you have something very good and interesting to write. You know it’s inside you somewhere, but you simply cannot find a way to begin writing it?

I know that I’ve got some kind of science-fiction story/novel/screenplay in me. I can feel the bare bones of it rattling around in my brain. I can sense it in there, but I just cannot form it into anything resembling anything.

I sometimes get phantom ideas about this sci-fi thing – – I’ll be sitting down having a cigarette, and suddenly out of nowhere, an idea will pop up into my brain-box, but I cannot grasp the idea if you get what I mean – the idea pops up and I don’t know what it even is! I could be schizophrenic or something, it’s like I have a separate mind doing its own thing up there!

I have been watching quite a bit of Doctor Who as it happens, and I can’t comprehend how the writers on that show come up with truly original episodes with such regularity! Amazing.

Anyway, the sci-fi story, I have this so far;

  1. Set in the future. Time travel may be a big theme/tricky to pull off but I’ll try.
  2. Humorous, dark and morbid.
  3. Lots of alien creatures of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Try to tackle themes like racism. sexism etc.
  5. Vast landscapes.
  6. Wars going on, between different races of alien/humans etc.
  7. The central characters will have very troubled pasts, addictions etc.
  8. Some kind of futuristic exploration, like a sci-fi version of what the Spanish conquistadores did, or Columbus etc.
  9. Trying not to rip-off Doctor Who or Star Wars or Star Trek basically!

Well, bye, yep.



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