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Why We Were Right To Invade Iraq!

A nation sacrifices its sovereignty when;

1. It invades a neighbouring state, as Iraq had done in Kuwait (in fact Hussein tried to annex and absorb Kuwait), a nation that was a member of the UN, the Non-Align Movement and the Arab League.

2. It had committed genocide, and therefore violated, the UN Genocide Convention (and the Convention by the way MANDATES immediate action be taken to either “prevent or punish” as soon as information is available) as Iraq did with the Al-Anfal genocide campaign in which at least 130,000 Kurds were gassed, some with US, UK, French, Russian and German weaponry, much to our shame (and is the reason we have a moral and ethical duty, obligation and responsibility to the people of Iraq)

3. It harbours internationally-wanted criminals, as Iraq had, giving safe-haven to the likes of Abu Nidal (who killed Leon Klinghoffer ) and Abu Rahman Yasin (who mixed the chemicals for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993).

4. It tried to acquire WMDs, or out-right violates the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In his book, ‘The Bomb In My Garden’, former Iraq chief nuclear scientist Medi Abedi confessed remnants of a centrifuge were buried in his garden, and that dummy sites were manufactured to fool UN weapons inspectors.

Iraq met ALL FOUR POINTS, and therefore surrendered its sovereignty to the international community and made the 2003 intervention and liberation legal AND moral. Only the US and UK took action because France, Russia and Germany were bribed thru the corrupted UN Oil-For-Food Programme.

Enough of all you pathetic hardcore leftists saying, “NO! All this is our fault, we never should have gone in there!”.

Newsflash, dummies, Iraq was possibly the worst place to live on Earth long before the US/UK alliance invaded!



One thought on “Why We Were Right To Invade Iraq!

  1. Right!

    Posted by Thumbup | September 4, 2015, 2:48 am

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