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How Not To Get Sick

My body is something of a wonder. Not aesthetically, although I’m rather thin, have broad shoulders and a narrow waist – a ‘swimmer’s body’. But I have virtually no pigment in my skin, I’m very pale, and I have quite a lot of body hair too. I have a strange red area on my upper cheek which isn’t going away, I also have a propensity for growing pimples in private areas……..uh…yeah…nuff bout that! But I want to talk about my health in general.

I haven’t been properly sick in over two years actually. I’ve had the odd sore throat or semi-cold type of thing, but they’ve only lasted a couple of days. I can’t explain why I don’t get sick, for the past two years I’ve been dousing my body with alcohol in vast amounts, I’ve smoked at least 7 ciggies a day in that time too.

Here’s what I think is behind my incredible non-sickness;

  1. I don’t eat a lot. (I certainly eat fewer calories than is recommended) I never have fast food, I mean never!
  2. I drink green, black and herbal teas in vast quantities.
  3. My lemon juice-tea addiction ensures that all my Vitamin C requirements are being met and then some!
  4. Willpower – I know the jury’s out on this, but I think that ‘thinking’ yourself out of certain mild illnesses can actually work……..obviously it doesn’t work with cancer or AIDS etc, but for little niggling things like a cough or a cold, I think it could be true.
  5. I eat stupidly large amounts of garlic. I put garlic in nearly everything I eat……this could be a big factor, garlic is very good for you.
  6. I drink at the very least 2 litres of water a day.
  7. I don’t sleep very well, I thought this would make me sick more often, but it hasn’t, it might be down to the fact that when I do finally faceplant with exhaustion, I sleep better than the babiest baby in the world!
  8. I am ALWAYS occupying my mind with something new and fresh and challenging. Always playing a new game or reading about a new scientific theory or just going out for a drive into an area I’ve never been before, really gets the mind going. You’ll never know mindfulness until you’ve driven through the roughest, worst parts of your city slowly!
  9. I willingly withdraw myself from situations that will stress me out – I actually have no choice in this because I’m virtually friendless, but generally being alone and genuinely happy in your aloneness can help your health, in my experience.
  10. Last and also least, ALCOHOL! Booze is very bad for you, possibly the worst drug in the world…..BUT…..it does have certain qualities that could possibly stop you from getting sick. For example, it kills bacteria, enough vodka in your mouth and your mouth bacteria will be killed. It naturally reduces stress, that alone lessens your risk of getting sick. That’s about all about alcohol, it’s poison, fuck it.

Anyway, I hope I’ve given you some tips to help you maximize your life!

You’re welcome!




2 thoughts on “How Not To Get Sick

  1. Awezum! But no vodka? O.o

    Posted by Xannziee | August 31, 2015, 9:02 pm

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