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On Wednesday night, I attended at pub quiz night. I’d only done one before, so I was very much a beginner.

Our team was made up of 7 people including me. I knew 4 of these people, and didn’t know the other two, but they seemed like nice people.

Anyway, the night was fun, there was LOTS of alcohol flowing on our table, I abstained. One thing that shocked me was how well the people who were drinking on our table were able to handle their booze compared to how I would. One middle-aged woman had at least 4 glasses of red wine, and didn’t seem drunk to me at all. The two people I didn’t know also had two or three BIG glasses of beer each, and they seemed fine as well. I know that 4 glasses of wine would have me feeling very dizzy and uncoordinated and I’d frankly not be in the mood to do a quiz, perhaps I’ve always had a low alcohol tolerance, I know that my tolerance never exceeded about 500ml of vodka before I’d start to pass out or blackout, oh well. Live and learn.

Anyway again, our team took part, and we came second overall! Pretty good. We were a brand new team who’d never quizzed before, so we impressed the hosts very much. Also, had 5 smokers in it, and we would often have a table of two or three people doing the quiz while the rest of us were outside puffing away, which makes our efforts even more impressive I think!

Questions we got wrong;

  1. What colour is the star on the flag of North Korea? Our team said white, I thought red, I was overruled, the answer indeed was red.
  2. What state is the town of Glen Innes situated in? I said Victoria, and I was so sure about it, but the answer was actually New South Wales, I felt a dunce!
  3. What country lies directly east of Madagascar? We said Botswana, but it’s actually Mozambique!
  4. What is the seventh month in the Islamic calendar? We got it wrong, but I couldn’t care less and I can’t even remember the correct answer.

And that’s all we got wrong! 4 question wrong out of 50 isn’t too bad, is it!?

I’m obsessed with this shit now, so I watch all the quiz shows I can on TV and shout at the stupid people who don’t know that WW2 started in 1939 and not 1940, idiots!

I’m getting carried away just thinking about this, so I’ll see you later, 🙂



2 thoughts on “Quizzical!

  1. See, I couldn’t be on a trivia team even in a fun way because I get too damn competitive. The rest of the team would STILL be hearing from me about the star color. (yes, I am stubborn, but I sucked at sports so this is my “thing”)

    Posted by NotAPunkRocker | August 27, 2015, 9:39 pm

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