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Let’s Talk Politics!


Not that anyone cares but here are my ‘views’ on things great and small. I don’t think I fit into any particular group, I’m neither totally left or totally right, and to be honest, I hate the whole left vs right shit, just take all the best ideas from each side and mix them together, enough of this tribal nonsense!

Anyway, here’s what I believe;

  1. Education and healthcare should be free of cost.
  2. Women and men should be paid the exact same amount based on their competency.
  3. Abortions are to be allowed (up until a certain point in the child’s early life in the womb, I’m not a scientist, but a six day old foetus is NOT a human being).
  4. Total free-speech – any words are allowed, no censorship whatsoever, it’s simple, if an idiot uses the word ‘nigger’ or something awful like that, then that person will have to deal with the consequences as bad as they may be, no censorship at all, on television or any medium!
  5. Guns aren’t allowed. I’ve thought a lot about gun rights, but I’ve come to the conclusion that owning a gun is not a human right, simple as that.
  6. Science is to encouraged at every available opportunity. And theories that have a majority of world scientist’s believing in them are to be followed through with and not just tossed aside because a few scientists and nutjobs disagree with them!
  7. Religion is fine, but all religious institutions MUST pay taxes, no exceptions.
  8. ALL drugs will be legalized, all of them, even heroin and crack and all those awful ones.
  9. Space exploration, NASA and the like, are to be given quite a lot of money – simply because the technological advancements we’d get from their efforts will literally change the world very quickly for the better!
  10. Nuclear first strikes will be considered a perfectly reasonable tactic, under VERY certain circumstances only.
  11. Military interventions will also be undertaken if a significant portion of peoples are being horrifically treated by the next Hitler or Stalin or Saddam etc.
  12. An entire reimagining of the monetary system will also need to take place, I’ve not figured this out fully yet, and probably never will! I’m imagining that Bitcoin or any of these online currencies will possibly entirely replace the physical money we have right now.

So, feel free to voice any opposition to my views, I welcome your dissidence, citizen of the new Goat Empire! 🙂



One thought on “Let’s Talk Politics!

  1. You have my vote! G-uno

    Posted by idioglossiablog | August 25, 2015, 7:30 pm

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