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Atheism (God Probably Doesn’t Exist)


“Oh, you’re an Atheist? You guys are just arrogant know-it-alls!”

I’ve heard this exact statement and and ones very similar to it numerous times throughout my short, but illustrious career as a human being on this planet, and I’m baffled by it! I’m baffled by the people who say this too; “If you don’t believe in God, then what’s stopping you from raping and murdering anyone you want to?” Whenever I’m asked this question, I simply take three or four slow steps back away from the person, then I throw a heavy piece of masonry at the fire alarm on the ceiling, setting it off, therefore giving everyone in the room, ESPECIALLY ME, an excuse to run away……you don’t want to be rude in those awkward social scenarios.

Now, being a non-believer, I am prevented from murdering and raping because I don’t want to do those things, ever. My question would be this to the religionists; “Are you seriously saying that you’d rape and murder if you didn’t believe in God! Because you’re a dangerous person if you really would!”

We wouldn’t be here today as a species if we just murdered and raped and destroyed everything in sight! A sense of goodness and altruism must be innate in us as humans, is my hypothesis.

Also, atheism is not arrogant, it couldn’t possibly be. Although certain atheists can indeed be arrogant. If you are person who thinks that atheism is a religion, then you’re quite wrong! Put it this way; ‘Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby’.

Atheism is actually a bit of a useless word. It has no content, it’s like having a special word for not believing in fairies. I like to call myself a non-believer, or an anti-theist (because I’m actually disgusted by religion in the vast majority of cases. Atheism is this; it’s the complete and total lack of belief in any of the Gods that humans have made up along the years (we also acknowledge that such a God or Gods COULD exist, although, until some real evidence comes up, we don’t believe). That’s not arrogant is it?

You know what IS arrogant?

Arrogance is the heavy-duty Christian or Muslim saying any of the following;

  1. God created the universe in 7 days…..yuck!
  2. You’ll be punished for eternity after you die if you don’t accept God……more yuck!
  3. The universe was created solely for humans!
  4. All the animals on Earth were put here for us to control and eat as we please!
  5. Science, and the greatest minds who have ever lived, are simply wrong about the nature of the universe…we’re right!
  6. Without religion in your life, you’re lost and somehow lesser than us!
  7. Books written over a thousand years ago are the only things worth reading, everything else doesn’t compare at all!

Now, ask yourself, which group is more arrogant? We non-believers? Or the believers who are so certain in their faith that they’re willing to ignore the greater good for all humanity because their ‘big guy in the sky’ tells them otherwise!?





9 thoughts on “Atheism (God Probably Doesn’t Exist)

  1. The part that always gets me is how it is considered arrogant to claim that you do not believe in a god. We aren’t even saying that God doesn’t exist, just that it sure seems like he/she/it doesn’t. Religious people on the other hand, will go all out and state that it is absolutely true that God exists, even without evidence (I can see the, ‘look at the trees’ argument already).

    Posted by jabinhawkins | August 20, 2015, 9:37 pm
    • I know, they show arrogance, literally on a universal scale! haha
      They claim to know exactly how the entire universe was made,
      yet we atheists who are still trying to figure out how it all began are the arrogant ones! I don’t get it.

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 21, 2015, 12:39 pm
      • I recently watched a Youtube video about how Christians often feel as though atheists actively reject God, and so they feel rejected as a result, but this just isn’t the case. That would be like saying that I reject Santa Clause. I can’t reject him, because I don’t believe he exists. If God were to personally ask me (Since he is supposedly a personal god) to worship him, and I didn’t, then I would be rejecting him. Yeah, it is a very strange and frustrating thing. Honestly, I identify as an atheist, but I do get the sense that there is a higher power out there somewhere. I just don’t necessarily believe it is concerned with what I’m doing on a daily basis if at all. It could be that I want to believe that because I don’t understand the universe entirely, so I’m still going to reserve judgement on that until enough evidence for that claim has been presented.

        Posted by jabinhawkins | August 21, 2015, 1:26 pm
      • I think there could be a higher power too,
        possibly some race of supremely advanced aliens. Just no magic men in the sky type of thing! lol

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 21, 2015, 2:19 pm
  2. A sense of goodness and altruism must be innate in us as humans, is my hypothesis.

    Excellent hypothesis, however, you would not be able to make this hypothesis if atheism is true. Materialism cannot explain what is good or what is altruistic as they do not have physical properties, they are immaterial. Speaking on these things would direct a conversation to Objective Moral Values or Objective Morality.

    I’m sorry, but to answer your question about if non-believers are more arrogant?

    Although certain atheists can indeed be arrogant.

    Perhaps not all atheists or non-believers are arrogant, but you certainly appear to fit the type! You seem rather confident in your “non-belief” of any gods. So much so, I doubt that you would even consider questioning the majority of your post and re-evaluate it logically. And merely mentioning this will likely come of as offense and you will posit that everything you’ve said in your post is [probably] logically true.

    Posted by Simple Theologian | August 21, 2015, 9:10 pm
    • By all means call me arrogant, go right ahead, doesn’t bother me. I forgive you 😉 Consider my other cheek turned! 🙂
      Anyway, there’s a lot of William Lane Craig in your ‘Objective Moral Values’ schtick (check out William Lane Craig vs Sam Harris or vs Shelly Kagan – both debates on the subject of morality). I don’t believe that moral values are objective, I think they’re subjective, and something that we’ve developed over the millennia of humankind so as to best maximize our potential.
      Atheism can’t be ‘true’, because it’s not a belief system. I hate the word Atheist, it means nothing to me.
      Also, if moral values were truly objective, don’t you think that all creatures great and small would behave in nice, friendly ways, seeing as God created all of them? Can you explain the behaviour of the parasitic worms that burrow in the eyeballs of starving children only to burst out and spread their spores to more children?
      I contend that altruism IS innate, in whatever quantity it may be, in us humans. We need only to look at lesser primates, chimps, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans. Those lesser primate societies are pretty even keel, they have fights and wars and the very occasional murder, but apart from that, they care for their young, they take care of their own tribe, they have an innate sense of some sort of good morality.
      Why do you believe in one God, and not the many gods of Ancient Greece or Rome?
      How do you think the universe began?
      Do you accept evolution?
      Do you judge me as lesser than you because I don’t share your beliefs?
      I’m interested in making this a long running discussion if possible.

      Thanks. 🙂

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 22, 2015, 6:40 am
  3. Notice also how I wrote in the title – God PROBABLY doesn’t exist!
    I’m not sure that God doesn’t exist, but I’ve never seen, and NOBODY has ever seen, any real evidence that supports the idea of a God existing!
    I’m not the fucken arrogant one here, okay?!

    Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 22, 2015, 6:51 am
    • Yes, I noticed the title. Both the title and your other response point to you being more of an agnostic than an atheist. I’ll be back to address your first response, been in some tiresome discussions elsewhere and need to take a mental break.

      I will answer one of the questions you posed:

      No, I do not judge you as “lesser than [me]” because you do not share my beliefs. My beliefs say that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” *All* includes me, I am as much of a “sinner” as the person standing next to me. I am no better than someone else.

      Here’s a post I wrote on it with a little more details: http://simplifiedtheology.com/2014/05/08/sin-bible-god/

      Posted by Simple Theologian | August 22, 2015, 8:58 pm
      • Thank you for being reasonable.
        I probably haven’t sinned as much as you might think! lol I don’t live a debaucherous, rowdy life at all! 🙂

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 23, 2015, 1:44 am

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