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Replacing One Addiction With Another!

Haven’t had a drink in 4 days, on the wagon once more. What’s helping me deal with the initial days of boredom and that ‘lost’ feeling?…………..VIDEO GAMES! Another incredibly addictive, yet physically harmless addiction!

I made up some nice penne ala arrabiata for dinner, then I drove around town for a few hours to kill the boredom, and it worked quite well. Then I got home, and the boredom came on strong! What did I do? I slapped on Steam on my computer and I booted up the delicious video game ‘Red Orchestra 2’. I played that for about 4 hours straight without one iota of boredom coming into my head. I just love blasting Russians in the face with my German MG42, or blowing Japanese heads off with my M1 Garand on the shores of Iwo Jima! Unbelievable good fun. The perfect game, in my opinion, would have the gunplay mechanics and levelling system of Red Orchestra 2, with a HUGE open world for you to explore (RO2 has quite small ready-made maps for combat). WW2 Online is a game that has a HUGE open world set in WW2 (actually one third the size of actual Western Europe! Believe it or not), but it’s a very old game, and the combat is severely lacking. What I want is basically Planetside 2 – WW2 edition. That would be bliss! Why has nobody done this already? There’s a huge market for it, I imagine.

I’m also looking to get into some kind of MMORPG, something like World Of Warcraft, because those types of games eat up more of your time than any other…….that amazing feeling of walking halfway across the game world just to kill 10 rat creatures for some farmer only to get a shiny new shield as a reward, it’s the most basic kind of psychology at play, but it works EVERY TIME! I’ll play the shit out of WoW until my mouse-clicking finger is a bloody stump!

Seeing as I’m not and have never been a social drinker, video games help me to actually meet people all over the world via its addictive qualities.


Look at me go! Captain Goat’s the name!

So, I’m off now. I shall play a bit more Red Orchestra 2, I’ll play as a Squad Leader for the US Marines in the Pacific campaign. Armed with my Tommy Gun, I’ll lead my men into the warzone and win against the inferior Japanese in quite a short amount of time.

See ya.



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