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Prince Vegeta (My Favourite)


I wanted nothing more than to be Vegeta when I was younger and me and all my friends were watching Dragon Ball Z at 6am before we set off to school! When we arrived to school, we’d talk endlessly about the morning’s episode. This thing, Dragon Ball Z, consumed my entire life for quite a few years!

Vegeta is a Saiyan, a race of warrior people (who had their home planet destroyed, leaving only a handful of Saiyans left) who are blessed with extraordinary powers. They can fly, shoot energy beams out of their hands and up their power levels by factors of several thousand via transforming into different levels of Super Saiyan!

The main character of Dragon Ball Z is a guy called Goku (another Saiyan). He’s obviously the most powerful, central character, but he’s so dull and boring and unfunny. What I loved about Vegeta, was his arrogant, sarcastic quips, his huge ego, his planning and tactics and drive for more power.


Vegeta initially starts off as a very bad guy, who Goku only just manages to defeat, but over time, Vegeta becomes a good guy, although he still retains all of his sarcastic brilliance!

Goku and Vegeta then begin to become quite good friends. They eventually meet a foe they cannot defeat together, so they merge into Vegito! The most powerful Dragon Ball Z character we’ve seen so far. (sic)

I’ve always liked the angry, quipping, smartass characters who start off bad, but then find good. As opposed to the always good guys, who are always so much more powerful, but so dull and unfunny.

Vegeta is the second most powerful Saiyan in the universe (behind Goku). But Vegeta is a badass, and he trained in a hyperbolic time chamber for thousands of years simply in order to gain Super Saiyan Level 2, a level that Goku reached naturally.


Vegeta will always have a place in my heart, he very well may have helped to shape my personality; the personality of a smartass, quick-witted, angry guy who is never quite as good as the best guys, but is willing to go through horrible things in order to get closer to them!

Love ya, Vegetes!



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