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Running Through France

Normandy WWII-111 _1_-ww2shots

US Army soldiers taking a peaceful ambling jog through a town in France.

Some time in 1944, when personal fitness levels of the general population dramatically increased in a few short years.

Their bayonetted rifles suggest that they’re attempting to rush the Germans up close, stab them through the face and get back to base to drink some fine Champagne and puff on their well-deserved cigarettes.

The Germans had the technological advantage, the vastly superior tanks, planes and machine guns – although, their standard issue infantry rifles were mostly old bolt-action rifles designed in the late 1800’s.

The US soldiers had M1 Garands, M2 carbines, BAR rifles and generally their infantry weapons were bigger, faster and stronger. But the US tanks, the Shermans, were pathetic compared to the German Tiger tanks, beastly things they were, deserving of their name more so than any bit of technology ever made!

The Germans had the gadgets and the goodies, but the Allies had something more. More men for one thing, more manufacturing power, and most importantly, the knowledge that they actually were indeed the good guys.

It must have been a terrible thing weighing on the vast numbers of German soldier’s minds, the soldiers who didn’t believe in Hitler’s bullshit, the ones simply fighting for the safety of their Fatherland, the thought that they were seen worldwide as the bad guys. At least the Allies didn’t have to worry about being seen and treated like shit for the rest of their lives, if they survived!

And, we won the war, and we’re happily on very good terms with Germany, Japan, less so Russia, but we’re working on that.

So cheers to no more war, because the next world war will be the fucking end of everything!



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