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World War 3?

World Explosion

WW3 End Game!

Is WW3 close? Is it happening already? Will it never happen?

If we go by the track record of World Wars, they can only get much, much worse than the previous ones. WW1 was a meaningless war, fought by millions because some European Royal families didn’t like each other. The bloodshed was vast, the Battle of the Somme rendered France’s muddy fields more blood than mud! World War 2 was fought for a legitimate reason at least – it was fought and won by us Allies in order to put an end to Fascism under Stalin and Nazism under Hitler (mustache douche!) and Imperialistic Expansionism from Japan. WW2 was by far the bloodiest war in human history…..here’s just one example how bad it was; In just one day, during the Normandy Landings, the US Army alone lost a bit over 4000 men, in ONE DAY! That’s more than all the US soldiers dead in the entire decade long war in the Middle East recently. Ridiculous death toll WW2 had. If WW3 happens, it’s almost impossible to imagine how it could be worse than WW2, unless nuclear weapons are thrown around the planet like fucking foam frisbees!

People would say, many of them historians, that WW2 started long before the date of 1939 we’ve all been taught in school. Japan had been warring with China since 1931, the Spanish Civil War (fascism) was going on in the mid 30s, Italy under Mussolini was invading Ethiopia in 1933 etc. All of these conflicts sort of became glued together in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland, thus giving Japan, Italy and Russia an excuse to ramp up their own atrocities.

This is interesting, because we have several different conflicts going on in the world right now. ISIS is currently fucking up the Cradle of Civilization, Russia is encroaching into Ukraine, China is arming and growing its country into a truly colossal beast, although they’re not warring with anybody right now.

The absolute worst case scenario one could imagine would be this; China makes some kind of deal with Russia, those two joining forces would be a disaster of incredible evil! This very probably won’t happen, because China basically pays for the US, Australia and many other countries (and strangely, China makes a huge amount of money paying for these countries). Russia under Putin is a dangerous beast all on their own. They’ve already decided to take back a parcel of land that many Ukrainians call home, not good.

I do believe that, under the right circumstances, Putin’s Russia would very definitively launch some kind of offensive on all the land that he believes is Russia‘s land! He’s already tried to do this in Ukraine, but due to the UN and rational people protesting strongly, he’s backed off……….believe me, he’s just testing the waters. But he can’t do anything severe right now, or for the foreseeable future given the way the world is right now.

IF…..world war 3 breaks out officially, I think the only possible reason would be this;

ISIS (Islamic Terrorists) hijack a few nuclear weapons and actually launch them. They destroy a few major cities, maybe New York (those dickheads have a fascination with NY for fuck’s sake don’t they!), Washington and London perhaps. This would cause us (the good guys) to react with a furious vengeance. ISIS would be largely destroyed by our retaliatory nuke strikes, then the rest of them will have to be taken out by traditional ground forces, in radiation suits of armour, with good old fashioned bullets and bayonets!

I think that world war 3 might end up being the most ironic and tragic war in ALL of Earth’s history. Why? Because,

The Cradle of Civilization (the Middle East) will be reduced to rubble and ash and fire and nothingness! Then perhaps, as our descendants look upon the ruins of the beginnings of civilization, they’ll in unison begin to think, “Maybe this whole war stuff isn’t worth it at all”. “Let’s start civilization again, in a CIVILIZED manner, and let’s make sure it stays that way!”

Peace out! 😉



5 thoughts on “World War 3?

  1. I like your thinking. However, you’re kind of leaving out the U.S. aggressive moves in many places of the world. If you were living outside of the U.S., say somewhere in the Middle East, would you be more worried about China or Russia, their offensives in Ukraine, etc. than you’d be worried about killer robots (drones) of the U.S.? I think we’re doing our share contributing to this disastrous situation.

    Posted by Norbert Haupt | August 8, 2015, 4:36 pm
    • I know what you’re saying, the US has no doubt caused some insane levels of sadness and pain throughout the world in its time, most recently the Middle East.
      BUT, and it’s a very big but; The US has never threatened to use their nukes against other nations, not once. Apart from the whole theatre of WW2, which was a completely ridiculous situation, where rationality couldn’t really be assured, the world was in mayhem!
      Believe it or not, I think the US is still the most important country in the world. The US doesn’t brag about it’s war aims in any way like Iran or Pakistan does.
      I’m afraid that the simple fact is this; US resistance to terrorism in the Middle East doesn’t cause terrorist attacks on the West. The 19 hijackers of the 9/11 attacks were all college educated, many of them had PhDs. It’s not the poor and downtrodden and drone-stricken who attack us, it’s otherwise intelligent people who actually have the means and wealth to carry out such attacks on us, whilst having their minds warped by a sinister sect of a religion (Islam).
      It’s all relative I suppose. I mean, the US soldiers who helped to liberate Europe from the Nazis were welcomed back as absolute heroes (and rightly so), yet our soldiers coming back from Iraq and the Middle East are being called ‘baby killers’ and they’re having their funerals picketed by fuckwits!
      The US isn’t as awful as you might think, you have your moments, but you’re still a free democracy in principle, unlike China or Russia or especially the most egregious Middle Eastern countries.
      If WW3 breaks out, rest assured, the USA will be among the good guys.
      Peace out 😉

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 8, 2015, 4:53 pm

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