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American Beauty

I’ve a fascination with America. Always have. I’m Australian, and I love Australia. My parents are English, and I love England too.

But America, and specifically the landscapes and the size and scale and scope of the whole country is amazing. If I win the lottery, I will definitely be buying a log cabin somewhere alongside a river in upstate New York, or an abandoned plot of timberland in Maine, or a trendy apartment in cool Seattle, or a relatively modest house in Boston, New York or Connecticut (the whole North East of America is the cultural hub of the USA, more so than Los Angeles).

Here are some places I will buy in America when I win the damn lottery!

A Grand Manor in Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

A Grand Manor in Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by the forests of the Pacific Northwest – Where Bigfoot lives……

The red bricked houses of Brooklyn are as iconic as they are beautiful!

The red bricked houses of Brooklyn are as iconic as they are beautiful!

A nice farm house in Maine

A nice farm house in Maine

log house

A log mansion along the Hudson River in upstate New York. Fucking cool!



5 thoughts on “American Beauty

  1. FYI: All the cool kids live on the west coast, particularly in the PNW (and you’re right, Bigfoot does live here.) As an American, I am equally fascinated with Australia. I imagine it as a giant California, but hopefully with less traffic and nicer people. Am I correct?? Love the house porn!

    Posted by suburbanbetty | July 31, 2015, 11:23 pm
    • MUCH less traffic than California, more potholes and roadworks probably though.
      The people are very nice indeed, until you forget to bring their favourite beer! lol
      We have rainforests in the northeast, desert in the middle, with a huge rock nearly dead center of the country, the longest straight road in the world running east to west, some more desert in the west and north, weird animals……………….a bit of everything really! 😉

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 1, 2015, 3:13 am
  2. Cool photos! There are so many cool places to visit in the US. We travel quite a bit and have been all over. There is still so much we want to see. Australia is on my bucket list! I hoping to visit before I get too old to really enjoy it.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | August 1, 2015, 5:27 am

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