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Dentures Dementia

An elderly lady is having troubles with her natural teeth, they’re failing her you see.

She endeavours to have state of the art dentures put into her skull so that she, once again, can enjoy eating her beloved apples. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, this old woman would say to anyone who popped round her house.

She got the dentures drilled into her head, went back home on the Friday evening, and looked forward so very much to getting her hands and teeth on that shiny red apple waiting at home for her.

She bites into the apple with ease, she enjoys the almighty hell out of that crisp apple.

Her granddaughter comes to visit, the old woman answers the door with the apple in her hand.

The granddaughter points out to her grandmother that the apple is in fact a fake, styrofoam apple and not a real one at all.

The old woman was taken ill by eating the styrofoam apple, and was promptly driven to the hospital in an ambulance, to see a bevy of doctors!

Moral of the story, “An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a styrofoam apple will ensure that you’ll be seeing a doctor quite quickly”



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