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Hibiscus Tea

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This dark, deep red tea tastes spectacularly good! It’s fruity yet subtle, I love the taste of it!

BUT……….I’ve learned that I cannot drink it. I’m a bit of a tea explorer, I’ve been adventuring in the land of obscure tea for the last few months. Chamomile is good. Poppy seed tea is good too, it makes you feel quite nice, because the poppy seeds mimic the effects of morphine somewhat – although quite a few people have died from overdosing on Poppy Seed tea, so moderation is key.

But, Hibiscus tea, as good as it tasted at the time, caused me to feel tired and drowsy, almost as if I was drunk. I hallucinated strange things too. I saw walls, coffee tables and textures vibrate and shimmer and worble and change shape somewhat! It was a little bit scary, but not too bad I suppose. For example, I’ve been so drunk before that I’ve urinated in my pants whilst in a partial blackout, I was conscious, I could see and recognize things around the room, I felt the urge to pee, and I simply started to pee, I felt a mixture of disgust and relief at the same time! So, absurd effects of drugs aren’t a new thing for me, the Hibiscus tea hallucinations were nothing compared to consciously deciding to piss your pants in a moment of alcohol induced madness!

Hallucinations caused by Hibiscus Tea are incredibly rare, I’ve learned. I consider myself lucky enough to have experienced them. They were quite incredible to witness looking back on it. I’ve never done hallucinogenic drugs, I’m not against the idea, because I know they aren’t addictive, but at least I can say I’ve seen some “weird shit, man”!…….on Hibiscus Tea! What a world we live in!



2 thoughts on “Hibiscus Tea

  1. That’s amazing. I’d never heard of tea hallucinations before. All I ever get is a feeling I shouldn’t take quite as much sugar as I like.

    Posted by Joseph Nebus | July 27, 2015, 3:06 am

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