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My review of ‘Battlelines’ by Tony Abbott (our ‘beloved’ Australian Prime Minister) – –

Once you put it down, you just can’t pick it up. A book so dull, tedious, humourless and lacking in any vigour, that upon opening it, my pot plants shrivelled up and died, my cat screamed a human scream and ran out of the room on its hind legs and my car turned back into the raw materials from which it was built!
I can only see this book having one useful application; as a dining tray for a Satanic Food Festival – eg. the sacrificial virgin’s hearts would fit nicely into Abbott’s vast ear crevasse on the front cover!

………Good pictures in it, though.

My opinion! – – Tony Abbott really is a dunce. A man with no discernable personality, yet he still manages to come across as a completely unlikable zilch! Our alternative, Labour party leader Bill Shorten is hardly any better either – he’s left leaning, which is better than right wing Tony, but Shorten has no resilience, and he doesn’t answer questions AT ALL! Why don’t politicians answer questions like human beings!? Don’t they understand that if they would just answer questions like a normal person, they’d become instantly more likeable. Idiots….



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