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Children’s Poem

(this poem is not racist, I actually had a white person I know who talks and acts and like a black gangster character in mind when I wrote this)


Tits and ass, tits and ass, gotta get all dat tits and ass!

I be yelling at her, “Yo, get an abortion, yo!”

We can’t afford a kid in da house!

We can’t have that shit goin on in here,

we only got enough money to pay the bills

that and the crack allowance!

I’m going out to work ma job!

I gotta fry those fries and burgerize doze burgers!

I get ma money, I’m getting my chunk!

If I find out that you’re going into labour,

I’ll shoot myself with my cousins Ruger!

For dinner tonight, some burgers and fries,

maybe some milkshakes if you’re extra nice!

My boss is a cunt, he’s a big fat fag!

he hates my grilling method, “too cold, too fast!”

I’ll give him a word or two,

once I get my new job at the factory o’ shoes!

Again, we can’t have this kid, we need to dispose of it,

either fucking adopt it out, or vacuum it!

We got only so much money to use you know!?

Open your maw, get those fries down there,

We’ll only be able to enjoy these strings of potato shit for so long,

Once I become a sensation down at the shoe factory,

we’ll be eating sole food, with leather tongues!

we’ll be fine, don’t worry, we’ll be fine.

Money is just a thing we use to do fuck away our time.

Once I’m a shoe man of da highest order,

we’ll be rolling in the dough, like those donut hoarders!



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