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Alcohol Withdrawal and Sleep

My personal story.

Day 1 sober – Very little sleep, maybe 2 hours at the most.

Day 2 – Because I’ve been exhausted all day from the previous night’s lack of sleep, I sleep a bit better, maybe 3 hours of consistent sleep, then waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping and so on.

Day 3 – Sleep is becoming something that I obsess about with ferocity! I think about sleep the way I thought about alcohol, with complete obsession – When will I go to sleep, how much will I get, how good will it be?

Day 4 – Sleeping still isn’t quite right. I start to think back on the days when I didn’t drink and how well I slept like a baby in those days. I sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours well, still spend the next day tired and silly!

Day 5 – Still not quite right. Sleeping actually gets worse for some reason. Sleep for 1 hour, wake up, sleep for another hour, wash rinse and repeat!

Day 6 – Due to the heavy influx of chamomile tea, green tea, lemon, garlic etc, I start to sleep much better, still not great though.

Day 7 – My whole system seems to reset, I start to sleep for a solid 8 hours as I did years ago.

That’s what I went through, I know fellow drunks might have gone through the same thing, please feel free to share your own experiences!



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