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The Radio Station At The End Of The World – P1

Ed woke up, one fine Monday morning, then he remembered, “shit I’ve got to go to work!” All of the wakeful energy that a great night’s sleep was washed away as he shuffled downstairs into the kitchen. He cobbled together a miserable cup of instant coffee, he put in seven teaspoons of coffee and sugar, he thought he could do with the energy. He noted that the coffee tasted a bit strange, maybe it had gone off, he couldn’t care less at that moment, so he gulped it down with all the grace and elegance of a shaking alcoholic struggling to get the bottle to his mouth! He made up a healthy salad of kale, garlic, ginger and mushrooms. He hated this meal, but it had become routine for him, he desperately needed to healthy himself up on doctor’s orders. Nibbling through the crunchy, dirt flavoured kale on his plastic fork, he reached for the remote and turned on the television. To his mild surprise, all the channels were showing the same thing. A breaking news story had taken over the telewaves.

“Breaking story today! A message has been found on the Moon.” Ed found this news interesting enough to give it a good watch. “That’s right, a message has been found on the Moon. A message written in every language of the Earth. This message is quite ominous and frightening, so turn the tele off if you’d rather not hear the awful message. The message simply says, ‘YOUR WORLD WILL END IN SEVEN OF YOUR EARTH DAYS'”. Ed spat out his kale and almost choked on a chunk of portobello mushroom in the same congruence of mouth spasm! ‘Your world will end in 7 days’? Ed said to himself over and over. He understandably didn’t feel like going to work, but as shocked and scared as he was, he did go to work, down at the radio station in London.

Driving down the main roads towards the radio station, Ed saw maybe 20 or 30 other cars on the roads in total. The once busy freeway systems were more or less barren. Ed knew it must be because of the news story, but part of him was quite glad not to have to scream and shout in horrendous traffic. He pulled up to the station’s carpark, he parked right in the bosses park space since there were virtually no other cars at the studio. As he walked towards the front entrance, he looked around the roads and the buildings nearby to see if he spot any rioting or kerfuffle going on. He saw nothing of the sort. Although, windows were boarded up and doors were nailed shut with 2 by 4 planks.

Upon entering the station building, he gave a subtle nod to the head security guard there. “Seen the news, mate?” Said the guard. “Yeah, it’s fucked up, eh?” The guard nodded and sighed. Ed walked into his studio and put his headphones on and got all of his stuff ready for his show. Ed’s show was an interview/current affairs show where he would interview leading lights in the world. Ed knew he’d have to interview someone today in regards to the Moon thing going on. Ed actually didn’t really believe the Moon thing, he supposed it was some kind of hoax. Ed got the memo that he would be interviewing a Professor of Alien Biology and Cosmology from Oxford University at midday. He got on internet and studied as much about Prof. Wilson as he could in the half an hour he had until his arrival.

Midday rolled around, and Prof. Wilson was not there, he was running late, assumed Ed. Ed rambled on and on about some of the topics he was twirling around in his mind for a few minutes until the time he thought that Prof. Wilson would eventually arrive. But he didn’t arrive. The time was 1pm, either the Prof. was one hour late, or he was sick or something like that, Ed didn’t think about it too much, that sort of thing happened quite a lot. Ed was in the middle of a rant about the soft policy of the British government in regards to the influx of dangerous Islamic terrorists into the UK, when his assistant came running into the studio and hysterically shouted, “Professor Wilson is……dead!” “What?” “Mr. Wilson was shot dead on his front doorstep this morning, that’s all I know!” Ed stayed silent and utterly contemplative for a good 45 seconds, then remained professional and got back on the air to tell his audience what was going on.

“Welcome back, folks. Well, what do I say? Our guest for today, has…….been terribly……injured. He had an accident at his home this morning, that’s all I know at this point, I shall tell you all the details when I get them.” Ed was struggling to think of things to keep his audience listening, he pondered just playing music or playing old reruns of his previous shows. But then he thought of something! Ed got talking on the subject of the Moon thing. Ed explained in vast detail why he thought it was nothing to worry about, he told his listeners that it was most definitely a hoax, and that everyone should just get on with their business. Ed had the gift of the gab, so he was able to talk about the Moon thing for the remainder of his show. No callers called in, no notes were handed to him, he rather relished the environment of public panic within which he had free reign over the airwaves!

Ed packed up his stuff for the day, and headed home. But, he was stopped at the front entrance by one of the head honchos at the radio station. This big, suited man puffing a cigar told him, “You’ve got to stay on the air! None of our other hosts have come in today, you have to fill in on their shows! I’ll pay you triple!” Ed agreed to this offer, with a glee that he could barely contain!

P2 next.


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