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Living (poem)

What a thing it is to be alive,

we’re biological machines set on overdrive!

Eating, defecating, killing and building,

and reproducing like macroscopic mildew!


We grow up without our knowledge,

our parents do their best, it’s often not enough.

Their thoughts and beliefs are given to us,

whether we’d want them or not.


Happy and bouncing as young children, we do and are,

Not a care in the world, all is taken care of, we’ll not starve.

Preschool, that demon, we go through it all,

the fights the arguments, the building blocks of future wars.


As primary school rolls along,

our personalities come on strong!

Some become bullies, some become the funny ones,

School is the filter of future jobs!


High School, the most defining time of all our time on this Earth,

I’d a hard spot in this phase, I was shy and retiring, and emotionally cold.

I never bedded any girls in this time, I never even kissed one, let alone hugged.

I was the strange funny guy, not deserving of attention, everyone shrugged.


We leave School for good, and we’re given the tools,

to get out there into the world and get a job that’ll pay us well!

That works for a few of those people,

the rest of us toil away in jobs, the home group of the sheeple!


In your 20’s, you finally realize who you are,

I realized I wasn’t like my friends, content with ignorance and pop culture garbage!

I was an outcast, a rogue, a renegade, happy with documentaries made 50 years ago!

Don’t let your young self down, get breeding, you beautiful beaus!



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