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How We Got Here (Atheist Poem)


No divine spark, no angels and no God,

we started off as a simple Eukaryote.

Little blobs of matter, able to replicate themselves,

took off running, dividing, air and sunlight supplying.


From there we took to fish form,

jawless at first, with gills and bones supporting our lower bits,

our gill bones got shorter, our jaws got bigger,

until finally, our gill bones got tiny, and fully formed where our jaws!


Fish got tired of the water, far too cold, far too deep,

we crawled onto the land, using our fins as feet,

Our eyes were close to our eyes as they’re now,

they just needed a few million years of natural sunlight!


Fish became reptiles, small at first, and stayed small,

scales became fur, fins became arms and legs,

we turned into the mammals, after all.


The early mammals were easy to kill,

because the dinosaurs were around, big and bigger!

We scurried underground as shrews and rodents,

we never bothered with ground level nonsense!


The dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid impact,

the world was dark for a few million years,

we popped our heads up to see what was about,

the world was safe for us, we shouted and cheered!


Dinosaurs turned into small bird type creatures,

no threat to the mammal explosion burgeoning.

With no predators with incredible powers,

we mammals took off running, to the evolutionary towers!


Then, we started to give birth to live young,

advantages were two fold,

Increased protection of the young,

Less insured death of the old!


Once we got ourselves into the trees,

the game was over Johnny,

we could evade all predators with lazy ease!

See a foe, vanquish him, by climbing a tree!


From the trees, we could see ever so far!

So much to see, so our brains could enlarge!

Our brains became larger and larger,

we became social creatures for the very first time!


Not very long before we got down from the trees,

got on our legs, our hands and our knees!

We began to walk upright, up on both legs,

we no longer desired those four legged dregs!


Our brains became bigger yet, as we started to cook our meat over the fire of the group,

we waged war, not in solo mode, but rather in organized files of troops!

At this point, no species on Earth could compete with us in terms of intelligence,

not the octopuses, the canines, the dolphins or the lower men!


By this stage, we’ve become the dominant species on the planet of our birth!

We control the world around us, we light fires and kill beasts at our mirth!

Our tools made of bone and rock flint,

make up for our lack of strength and physical might!


We’ve basically got the world to our own at 25,000 BC,

Nothing comes close, not even the tigers of sabretooth nature,

We slayed them all at some point in the future,

And then we went on to populate the Earth, every corner!


Bye! (God was not involved in the making of life at any point, never!)


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