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Forgotten Quotes from History


Many people throughout the ages have said things that are profound and wise and great and noble, yet those quotes never got the admiration or circulation that they deserved, all of the quotes you’re about to read should really be in common parlance if you ask me!

Here are quotes from some people past and present, some famous some not, that I’ve managed to find through literally minutes of research on two or three websites.


1. “To have loved and lost, is better to have never bothered with all that kind of thing, I’ve never really done any of that stuff, you know?”Indecisive Man, 1987

2. “If you ask me for my opinions, I shall throw onions at you, I’m dyslexic” Smartass School kid, 1995

3. “If I don’t make it out of this alive, tell my wife……”hello””Man Afraid Of Commitment, 2004

4. “On second thought, Russia was a bit too cold for us to go into, my mistake fellas”Hitler, 1941

5. “If a man has never loved a woman and shared a house with her, then he shall surely be put to death…….by the ear-bleeding his own mother will lay upon him”Leviticus 69:69, 300AD

6. “Live every day as if it was the day that came after yesterday, keep paying close attention to your calendars, people, carry on as normal, everything is operational and fine”Public Service Announcer over the citywide loudspeakers of the Global Big Brother System to come , 2056

7. “Not suitable for pregnant women or children”CEO of Chainsaw Eaters association of Texas, 1999

8. “To be or not to be? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever written, that’ll never catch on!”William Shakespeare, 1588

9. “We shall move to America, children! Home of the brave and the free, and the guns and the crime, and the fast food and the censorship, and the………….on second thought, let’s move to Australia”Irish Famine Victim, 1867

10. “People ask me whether I have any regrets. The answer is yes, I wish I never went back in time to kick Hitler out of Art School in Vienna, he went off the rails a bit after that!”Nikola Tesla, 1889 and 1912 and 1941.

If you care to add any other quotes of a similar ilk, you’re welcome to in the comments.

See you laters!



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