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Cigarettes and their Positive Qualities

I’m a bit of an expert on cigarettes, it’s the one vice I continue to use AND enjoy, I don’t want to stop smoking because I enjoy every single cigarette, I’m no chain smoker, I smoke once every 4 or 5 hours, a long enough time in between to get that lovely jolt of energy (creativity too mind you, they really do spark something in your mind to create) and that tingling feeling all over the body.

People always say that cigarettes calm them down, this is technically not possible, as nicotine is a stimulant and not a depressant like alcohol for example. But here’s how smoking a cigarette in a stressful moment will calm you down. I’ll also mention some of the humble cigarette’s positive things.

1. Often, in order to smoke a cigarette, you need to go away to a designated area. This gets you alone and more conducive to creative, relaxed thought.

2. As you smoke the cigarette, you are breathing in and out in a very relaxed and controlled manner. This alone will get you to relax quite a lot, with or without the cigarette.

3. You’re a smoker, you need your fix, and satisfying your need for a fix will relax you.

4. You know you look so damn cool and rebellious, this relaxes you by making you believe that people are looking at you and thinking, “Ooh shit! I wanna talk to that person, they’re awesome”.

5. You know there’s a very good possibility that some awesome member of the opposite sex will approach you and ask “for a light”. This gets a conversation started without even trying! Win win!

Ciggies are fine if you ask me, in moderation. I mean, they’ll kill you, but only a long time in the future! Don’t worry about it.



One thought on “Cigarettes and their Positive Qualities

  1. YEAH!

    Posted by Thumbup | July 12, 2015, 7:53 am

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