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Untitled Fiction (possibly will call it something like ‘From Scratch’ or ‘Earth 2.0’)

A post-apocalyptic, dark comedy piece of fiction I will be working on for as long as my mind can be bothered with it.


A particularly harsh type of artificial light signalled morning time. Ahead of time, Joe was awake and ready, a chief reason behind him being chosen. Joe walked past the designated Breeder’s Quarters – a place that was either so noisy with primal sounds of pleasure and lust, or ever so quiet with occasional whimpers and moans of utter exhaustion – Joe was wearing a thick assortment of protective clothing, thinnest layers of cotton and wool, thickest of cobbled together wetsuit material and beautiful leather. Quite a heavy load to carry, but wrapped up in a way as to not make it too cumbersome to move properly. Finally able to walk past the Breeder’s Quarters without giving in to the urge to look in via the tiny viewport, Joe summoned up the courage, Dutch courage thanks to his bartender neighbour Fredo, to press the ‘open’ button on the far east wall of the underground base he and ten thousand others called HomeSweet, and venture out into the relatively unknown wastes of Old Earth. Joe turned around and shot a quick look down the long corridor stretching towards a very distant view of faint flickering neon-lit shop signs and storage containers. It wasn’t the most heartwarming sight, after all, this was the seedier sector of HomeSweet. Exits leading to Old Earth are many in HomeSweet, but Joe’s briefing notes specified that the seediest exit was to be used for ‘strategic’ reasons. Before pressing the open button for a second time, as to confirm the opening of the thick vault door, Joe glanced his goggled eyes over his HomeSweet surroundings of steel walls and iron doors very quickly once again, in a vague, scared attempt to motivate himself to stay alive at all costs so that he could return some day. With a shaking finger, Joe pressed open again, the door opened with a disconcerting creaking noise. A second door right behind Joe slammed down with great speed to seal the safety-lock. The vault door folds itself into 4 pieces and slides down slowly and forms a set of steps in the process. The sheer force of the natural sunlight pushed Joe back a few steps. But he gathered himself with both hands shielding his already shielded eyes, and walked up the steps and off onto the natural ground, a convenient small, flat rocky platform. The first person to do so in three years. Before Joe could take in what he was seeing in any great detail, the vault door reassembled itself into a whole and promptly sealed shut, leaving Joe all alone. Fortunately, the map he was given was as up to date as the mapmakers could manage on the scant information they possessed. Joe uncovered his eyes and looked out into the world he never knew.


I know that this whole story is very similar to the Fallout series of video games, I’m trying my hardest to steer away from Fallout though, trust me.                 



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