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Planning A Getaway, I Am. (Australian Road Trip)

I'm Hoppin' Off

I’m Hoppin’ Off

You know what I mean?

I’ve been thinking about getting away from it all for maybe a few weeks to a month.

I don’t have the resources to do it right now, but when my new full time job applications get accepted (results pending) I shall save up quite a bit of money (quite a bit of money in my case would mean about 5 thousand dollars) and just drive……..drive and drive for hours, days, weeks. That’s the lovely thing about Australia, you can drive in any direction for days and days without reaching the coasts, the coasts full of big cities full of corporations and bureaucratic bullshit!

My plans go a bit like this, though I may very well improvise a bit along the way – – 

1. Get all the money together that I can muster.

2. Get a road map of the whole of Australia (a fucking HUGE map, believe me)

3. Start driving east, towards the city of Melbourne. I shall reach Melbourne, stopping off at Ballarat, a brilliant city, and Sovereign Hill (a town with a huge 1860s goldrush recreation of Australia complete with convincing actors and rideable mine tours) along the way.

4. Stay in Melbourne for a few days. Lots of culture there…..and hipsters too, may spend a few fewer days than I planned based on how enraged I become from the hipster barrage there.

5. Start driving north east, towards the grand city of Sydney. I’ve never been to Sydney (apart from inside its airport), so I shall no doubt spend a long time in Sydney. It’s Australia’s biggest city by far, and I want to see what it’s like.

6. Drive north still towards the capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane. Along the way, I may very well stop off at a small town called Sarina. Sarina is where my late Uncle’s wife lives. She owns a beautiful house up there in the wilds of Australia’s rainforest districts. But, there’s a massive sugar factory nearby her house, and about every 3 hours, huge plumes of sugar fumes come barreling out of the stacks there, and the whole town smells of molasses momentarily……..pretty cool.

7. Then, I shall drive northly northingtons, towards the tropical wonderland city called Darwin. Darwin is a very hot, humid place. It’s a very crime ridden place, but it’s charm is utterly gorgeous, says my parents at least, I’ve never been there. Quite a lot of work going in Darwin too, so I may never return if I find a job well-paying enough.

8. From Darwin, I will drive along the northernmost coast of Australia, most of it desert, towards the rural, yet famous town called Broome. Think of Broome as being just like the bar/cantina scene in the first Star Wars – an utterly boring desert locale, yet replete with all the most insane, interesting people you could ever meet!

9. It’s a LONG drive south from Broome to the capital of Western Australia, a city called Perth (about 4 days driving!). As far as I know, Perth is the most pretty city in Australia. I’ve never been , but most of my family have been there, and they still rave about it to this day.

10. Then, after Perth, I will embark upon the longest driving road in the whole world! The Nullabor Plain road, which spans from Perth to my home in Adelaide, takes two weeks by fast bicycle! Luckily there’s a lot of interesting quaint things along the way, desert sculptures and some serial killers and whatnot.

11. When I arrive back home in Adelaide, I shall be a changed man…….or maybe just a tired man. Who knows?

See ya when I see ya.



One thought on “Planning A Getaway, I Am. (Australian Road Trip)

  1. Have fun! Take lots of photos! Would love to see some candid shots of your homeland!

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | July 7, 2015, 1:01 am

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