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If You Had To Fight In WW2, Would You Invade Normandy Or Iwo Jima?

An interesting question.
I think I’d rather invade Iwo Jima.
The Americans really couldn’t have lost – with their superior weaponry, artillery and total control of the waters around the pacific.
Invading Normandy would have been more difficult I think, if you managed to get off the beach, you had to tiptoe through the German infested hedgerows for months.


If You Had To Fight In WW2, Would You Invade Normandy Or Iwo Jima?

The 2 largest battles fought in World War 2 where many good men lost their lives. If you had to be one of those soldiers, which beach would you rather invade? Man, I would choose Normandy. The reason why is because the enemies didn’t have as many tactics as the Japanese. I do not choose the Normandy path because one is easier than the other, I choose to avoid the Japanese’s sneaky tactics. I heard they would hide underground for days.

I would rather be caught by a Nazi then a Jap. That would be my choice. What would be your choice given the history and the stats of the war that happened in both places?

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