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Drink Of Immortality! – (Or Just Better Health I Guess)

I’ve finally cracked it! I’ve come up with the ultimate drink, it doesn’t taste as good as Coke or Lemonade, but it seems to be the healthiest drink in the world (studies pending). Drink 2 litres of this everyday and you’ll feel literally like a superhero!

Here’s what you need,

1. A big 2 litre bottle, empty

2. teaspoon

3. Measuring jug

4. tap water

5.  3 or 4 Green tea bags

6. Sugar

7. Sea salt

8. Cumin, Turmeric or Curry powder

9. Lemon juice.


Here’s what you need to do,

1. Put the 3 or 4 green teabags into the measuring jug.

2. Boil some water in the kettle.

3. Put two teaspoons of sugar into the jug.

4. Put half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of chunky sea salt in the jug/

5. Pour in the hot water, allow to steep for a few minutes, mix in the sugar and salt.

6. Then  squirt in some lemon juice, I like a lot.

7. Then, add a dash of Turmeric or Cumin, all I have in the house is Curry Powder, so I added maybe one teaspoon.

8. Keep the bags steeping for a few minutes, stir all the stuff around.

9. Fill up the rest of the measuring jug with spring water,

10. Then pour the mixture into the empty 2 litre bottle.

11. Then…..uhm….enjoy probably isn’t the right word….so……endure! *kisses*



4 thoughts on “Drink Of Immortality! – (Or Just Better Health I Guess)

  1. What is it that is supposed to make this drink so healthy?

    Posted by Lena | June 25, 2015, 1:46 pm

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