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America Is Imploding


The economy.

The lack of scientific understanding, the ignoring of climate change etc.

The natural disasters which seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity.

The unbelievable attitude towards guns, which in itself is partly responsible (largely responsible) for the increasing number of mass shootings – the latest one in South Carolina which involved racial hatred….

…and racial hatred. White cops shooting black people on the regular, black on black crime etc. FBI statistics on US crime are startling, look them up.

Racial hatred, poverty and ready access to guns is a recipe dreamt up in the deepest depths of Hell, created to stir up the most delicious dish of national catastrophe.

I predict that the United States of America will not last until the year 2050. It’s sad, really. The USA has been the world’s greatest superpower since the 1940s. You’ve given us most of the greatest things the world has ever known. Yours was a very, very brief reign, but boy was it a good one!

China on the rise. Russia arming themselves to the vodka-ruined teeth! The European Union folding to the demands of political correctness and Islam’s threats of world domination. ISIS, ISIL and other stupid fucking acronym terrorist organizations literally wrecking a whole portion of the Earth, the Middle East – the cradle of civilization, the people who started the human race off in the first place.

People compare the USA to the Roman Empire. Not bad, but the British Empire in its heyday is a better comparison. The USA’s empire is a totally modern thing, maybe that’s why it probably won’t last much longer. The world in Roman times didn’t evolve much, things stayed the same for centuries at a time. The modern world, and the USA within it, evolves so much faster and aggressively.

Nuclear war with Russia is a possibility, perhaps. Most likely not though. I know Putin is a creep, but he’s not stupid enough to start a nuclear war with the West, surely not.

If China overreaches, starts invading neighbouring countries, then I could well imagine a semi-traditional war of men, guns on the ground and attrition. China would have the manpower advantage, but the US has the most terrifying, most sci-fi technology known to man, the vast majority of which we know nothing about! Hard to know who wins here, maybe China, maybe the USA.

The least scary opponent of America, contrary to what the media says, is Islamic terrorism in the form of a large group like ISIS or ISIL or IDIFGBCJHHGFF or IFFJHFV^R&R, stupid fucking terrorists! In a traditional war between the US alone, and ISIS, ISIS loses….quickly……and badly!! No contest, fuck them!

The scary thing is that Russia and China are sort of in cahoots. If the two of them were to combine forces against the US, things would get quite hairy. I can’t envision a US victory, unless they have some ultimate-weapon that wins it for them…..not that hard to fathom – they unleashed the first nuclear weapons in WW2, no one knew about those. So don’t rule out a US designed alien superweapon destroying all of the US’s enemy forces.

On the natural disaster front. I don’t know if it’s just me, but natural disasters seem to be occurring with increasing frequency and death-toll. Perhaps other nations are harnessing the weather in order to destroy the morale and power of the US? Probably not, but who knows. (I know, they’d probably send a hurricane to Washington DC if they could, but what the hey, maybe they’re in the early stages of weather harness technology).

Ironically, gun control, which the US doesn’t like, but I do, might be the only thing to stop an invading force in the future from totally decimating the US in a matter of months…….maybe that’s what the Founding Fathers had in mind the entire time!….they were bloody smart guys. No other nation in history has ever been founded by people smarter than Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine.

The ideals thought up by the founding fathers are quite honestly, inspirational and unique and new and fresh, compared to almost every other country on Earth. The very best people in their fields founded the USA, but it’s gone to shit within less than 300 years……..I can’t explain.

Sorry America, I love you.

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3 thoughts on “America Is Imploding

  1. As a US citizen, I do believe you have summed it up quite well. Gun violence in the US is so out of control. The conservatives have their flock of sheep that believe anything they say. To actually say that climate change is not real is beyond pathetic. Large corporations are buying up politicians right and left. It’s very very sad indeed.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | June 25, 2015, 1:41 am
  2. Reblogged this on cornfedcontessa and commented:
    This Aussie chap makes some really valid points.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | June 26, 2015, 12:19 am

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