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Day 1 Sober

24 hours since my last drink.

I feel okay I suppose.

1. Still, hands aren’t shaking. Little bit uneasy and weak though, the hands that is, not the penis. 😉

2. No vomiting, no nausea, no anxiety, no profuse sweating.

3. Slight chills though. It’s a very cold night here in Australia, so maybe that’s it, or maybe not.

4. Some generalized aching (not really aching in the sense of pain, but general tingles and sensations in the abdomen area).

5. A huge amount of boredom. Alcohol abuse is fucking terrible, but it’s certainly not boring! lol

6. Drinking endless cups of green tea, black tea, and black coffee. Also smoking more cigarettes than usual.

7. Sleep. Now, sleep is the big issue here. I will NOT get a proper nights sleep tonight. I shall lay in bed and toss and turn for a few hours, until I eventually fall asleep. I’ll stay asleep for at most, an hour, then I’ll have to lay there and wait to fall asleep for another hour, then wash, rinse and repeat the process.

8. Oh, also I have terrible gas. Literally could fart for hours on end if I had that much control over my arsehole muscles.

Okay, Day One is done and dusted. I hope I’ve been as humorous as I’ve been candid. I very, very rarely talk about my own personal life, but anything to help me get through this demon again is worth it.

Peace out.



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