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Rugby is AIDS!

Rugby stinks, but it’s a huge, huge deal in Australia. There’s an annual game, a massive game called the ‘State of Origin’ – it pits Queensland and New South Wales against each other (almost like an NFL all-star game or some shit like that!). This game is on right now, and everyone is bloody talking about it…..eek.

I like football, by which I mean soccer, by which I mean football! Football is beautiful, graceful, elegant, creatively charged, largely improvised, but yet, it has moments of pure leg-based barbarism and kicky violence at times!

Rugby is quite boring to watch, in my opinion. The players arrange themselves into two lines basically, and try to get the ball into the try area to score….but!….but, they cannot pass the ball forwards, only backwards or perfectly laterally, anything forward motion the ball makes towards another player is a foul! Which masochistic arse invented the rule that you can’t pass forwards? Idiotic.

Football is better, the sooner Australians realize this, the happier we’ll all be, well, just me.




3 thoughts on “Rugby is AIDS!

  1. Football is huge here in Wisconsin. I got accused of being the anti-christ a few years ago because I didn’t watch the Green Bay Packers in the Superbowl. Not a huge fan.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | June 18, 2015, 1:41 am

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