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North Korea (poem)


Little fat man controlling his people,

Clapping, dancing, crying sheeple.

Nuclear weapons at the ready,

launch them he doesn’t,

Her economy is anything but steady,

All buildings, all nuke shells, dilapidated and rusted!


Grey suits, grey faces, grey mountains,

Dissidents’ blood flows from the water fountains.

Angry with the United States, South Korea and their allies.

Malnourished soldiers manning the border, the DMZ, Asian warcry!


Starving citizens, prisoners in their own land,

eating gruel, rats and for dessert, sand.

Starting a war with the Western world,

is not advised, Mr Kim Jong Un,

starting a fight with the bigger, better people,

to win this fight you want, you’ll have to pull down from deeper.


The land is barren in nature,

few trees, few green parts,

mostly rocks and bones litter the ground,

the surface cries for some moisture.


Your national stadium is large and the persons within,

are forced to hold up up decorative signs,

the only building in NK that’s not crumbling,

your ‘Gymnast’s Brew’ is a drink with restorative highs.


The South Korean soldiers are on average, six inches taller than yours,

that’s down to their superior nutrition and way of life.

Their electronic wonderland, Seoul, makes your capital look rather poor.

They have buffets and proper meals, not gruel on a butter knife.


I don’t think you really want war, how could you?

A scenario I foresee, is this, Mr. Kim Jong Un…..

The US invades your country, decimates your soldiers and frees your captives.

Your government is disbanded and your land rendered unused, but for…if?


If, you launch 3 nukes, and take out Fort Bragg, West Point and Silicon Valley,

You’d hold some advantage, initially happy.

until…….the US ‘special secret super weapons program’ comes calling

Armies of invincible steel-soldiers with eyes of flame, will arrive, and not leave until you’d fallen.


Please hear me out,

let the whole nuke thing go,

don’t start a war now,

just relax, calm down, and peace will reign, Bingo!



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