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Odd Quirk of Addiction

Back when I was drinking very heavily I would do an odd thing: actually it’s not that odd, lots of heavy drinkers/alcoholics apparently do this/did this.

The start of the week – – Monday afternoon, I’d go to the liquor store (‘bottle shop’ in Australia) and buy the cheapest bottle of 1 litre vodka I could find – – Stefanov vodka (25 dollars) was the the most usual one, and I must have kept Stefanov in business throughout my blackout, blurry drinking days, I never saw any of the bottles missing from the shelf, no one bought that stuff but me…and I’ve found out recently, a lot of teen girls below the drinking age get older people to buy them Stefanov, or rather Stefanov was what they ended up with because it was the cheapest.

Anyway, I’d go in on Monday and go home. Drink down about half of it, maybe a bit more if I really wanted to simulate severe brain damage for the night! Then, Tuesday would come along, I’d deal with the tremendous hangover for the whole day, then drink the remaining half or so on that Tuesday night.

Then, Wednesday would follow, as it would for everyone on the planet, really. I’d go out to buy another 1 litre bottle of vodka, BUT, I would go to a different liquor store, usually the nearest other one. Then do the Monday/Tuesday night thing on the Wednesday/Thursday time-scale now.

Friday would then roll around, at about Friday time, as usual. I’d then go to yet another liquor store to buy the vodka.

Then, rather predictably, Sunday would roll on. Yet another booze shop I’d go to on Sunday. And the above kerfuffle would occur, again.

This practise, this practise of rotating your liquor store visits as to not make the people who work there suspicious that you might have a drinking problem, is a very VERY common thing that fellow problem-drinkers do, apparently.

I thought I was the only one….hmmm.

Anyone else do this?……..Non-alcoholics need not answer, although if you do anything similar to this with another addiction, I’m all ears!

Bye bye.



5 thoughts on “Odd Quirk of Addiction

  1. Sounds like a lot of work for people (employees) who could really care less.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | June 14, 2015, 4:08 am

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