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Would You Rather? (Surreal Edition)

1. Would you rather, have a one breast that dispenses talcum powder (infinite amounts of talcum powder, always recharges after use), OR, would you rather have an index finger that can travel through time? (just your pointer finger can travel through time, you can only touch things in the future or the past and can’t see anything.


2. (For the hetero women) Would you rather date a 6 foot penis, with a face and arms and legs, but his whole body is a penis, his body is the shaft and his face is on the head of the penis? Or, would you rather date a man who is totally normal and handsome in every way, except instead of having a normal penis, the man has a smaller version of himself as his penis – instead of a penis, he has a 6 inch exact replica of himself as his penis?


3. Would you rather have one hand that’s made of your favourite food in the world (your favourite food, except if you eat the whole hand, it takes a full year for it to grow back, but if you just nibble off the top of one finger, it grows back in a few hours). Or, would you rather have infinite amounts of sunscreen AND sunburn ointment available to be dispensed from your armpit, for you and for anyone you wish to give it to?




3 thoughts on “Would You Rather? (Surreal Edition)

  1. 1. I’d rather have my finger touch things in different time zones.
    2. A guy with his penis as the exact replica of himself is better than a penis shaped man, any day.
    3. My hand made of my favorite food would be awesome.

    Posted by ileena20 | June 11, 2015, 12:50 pm

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