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Parenting (the impossible task)

baby safety

I’m not a parent, by which I mean, I’ve not yet shot an efficient enough load of sperm into any worthy female.

But one day, I might be a parent.

One thing I’d just like to say is this. This….

…I think parenting, that is, raising a child from infancy to adulthood, in an effective, objectively good and perfectly decent way , is quite possibly not possible at all.

No human being is perfect, and the way every person is raised is the root cause of every one of their imperfections.

For example, my example. My parents were entirely decent people. They both had jobs, they both loved me and taught me valuable things, neither of them hit me or abused me verbally for any reason, they were just very nice people…………..but………….. with all these positive things in my childhood………..I still grew up to be a problem-drinker, a sexual deviant, a sarcastic and negative person sometimes bordering on downright rude, and an emotionally cold person in general.

My parents never intended for these things to become part of my personality, but they have. And now, I know, there’s nothing my parents, or anybody’s parents, as great as they may be, could have ever done about it….

….Think about it coldly and rigidly like this – – a child’s brain is the most amazing thing in the universe we’ve seen so far. It’s billions of neurons are making billions of new connections every single day. That’s too much for any one or two people as parents to deal with. To raise a perfect child, be honest, a child we’d all love to see, we’ll simply have to wait until Artificial Intelligence gets to the point where it’s light years more advanced than we are, though, at this point, humans will probably no longer exist, so it’s good news all round!

This is all not to say that parenting is easy, lazy or unuseful. It’s the most important thing in a young person’s life, and parents should try as hard as they conceivably can to try to ensure that they don’t raise an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt individual.

On the flipside though, many people would say that the imperfections in all of us are the things that make us interesting and unique and human. That’s all possibly true, but I’d think that a totally perfect human being would be pretty damn interesting too, huh?

Peace out.



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