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My hands aren’t shaking.

My stomach isn’t queasy, I don’t feel like vomiting at all.

I can eat properly, my appetite isn’t compromised.

Sleeping is hard though. I CAN get to sleep eventually, but only for about an hour or so, then I wake up, fall asleep again, wake up, repeat.

I’m not seeing things, hearing things or having the sensation of bugs crawling all over my skin.


By this reckoning, I’d assume that I wouldn’t experience the dreaded and potentially fatal DT’s. But you can never be too sure, everybody’s different.

I’m not in a position to go to a doctor and have him/her prescribe me some benzodiazepines to ease the withdrawal period, so I’m either going to have to stop cold turkey and see what happens, or I’ll have to ‘taper off’ with booze. Tapering off is risky, because it’s incredibly hard, and probably won’t really work to be honest, I can’t see myself being able to taper off without some kind of very strict regime where someone only allows me to have ever-decreasing amounts of alcohol.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty okay. Just a heads-up.



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