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Blogging Slogging

My friend, Regular Joe, has some wise advice on Blogging and how to go about it…..

(best to read the following in a thick New York/New Jersey accent, possibly a Boston accent works well too)

“You just gotta write all the damn time, eh what do I know? You have an idea, you write it down, badda bing badda boom, eh again, what do I know eh? A funny little thought pops into your old brain-box and you just gotta sit down at the old computational device, some people call it a pooter or sumthin, and you write it down, write it out, get that idea down onto the old page, as they say. The keyboard is your friend, that old keyboard takes a damn hammering as you just write out your shit, eh. You got your internet, your keyboard, your pot of steaming coffee on the premises, you got your old fingers there typing away, that’s all you need, eh? You write until you got nothing else to say, eh. You write until your fingers hurt, you know? Then, when you’re all outta ideas, you simply go away from the pooter and trundle off to bed, get a good eight hours of the old shut-eye, eh? Good shit.”  



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