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The Best Creativity Tip In The World!


Here’s one tip you probably haven’t come across before,

it’s nothing drug-related, it’s not chamomile tea, it’s not exercise or yoga or any of that shite,

it’s this……..simply…..go for a drive.

Not just any old drive though. A totally unplanned drive it MUST be. A drive with no real destination, and it must last for, I’d say, at least 2 and a half hours.

Here’s how I go about it. I did it just tonight as it happens, and my mind was racing with thoughts, crazy character, funny voices, acting out humorous situations in my mind and I also managed to burn a lot of petrol and destroy the environment in the process…win win!

I do this,

1. I realize I’m entirely bored, so I get into my car and decide to drive, drive to nowhere in particular, then simply return home and see what the fuck happens in regards to the mind’s creative juices and their state of flow or non-flow.

2. I fill up with some petrol, not a full tank, I can never afford that, maybe half a tank or a third.

3. I start driving along big, busy roads I know very well to begin with – – then after a while of that, looking at all the other cars and the interesting people within them etc, I start to meander.

4. These place-names won’t mean anything to you, probably, but anyway, I drove up to the Adelaide airport, turned left and headed towards Semaphore Beach a short distance to the west. I got to the beach, then drove up along the coast road, looking at all the fancy rich houses along there, THEN, I turned RIGHT onto a road I’d never driven on before in my life. I followed this road all the way east, but it felt like south (hard to explain, that got my creativity sparking a bit, also hard to explain). This road eventually led me all the way to the city centre of Adelaide. I was surprised by this, I was also blown away by the scenery of Adelaide. It’s a small city but it’s undeniably beautiful, especially at night. I drove through North Adelaide, which I’d also never done before. And wow, North Adelaide is a place I’ve decided I want to live one day – – those beautiful terraced houses lined with awesome trees along the entire road. Driving tepidly through the narrow, partially cobbled-streets of North Adelaide and going down into the actual city of Adelaide with all the big buildings and the bright lights and the amazingly sexy women, and men probably I imagine. I’d been to Adelaide at night before, but something about this chilly night in particular struck me as new and novel and novel and new, there’d been some big renovations to the city, lots of new and novel buildings and things I’d not seen before, I guess that was it………newnovel…novelnew.

5. After that thoroughly mind-opening drive through a part of town I’d never driven through, I took a somewhat familiar road on the way back home. THEN, something very surprising happened about halfway along this LONG, straight road home – – Some random Auto-Repair vehicle/van drove across me at the traffic lights, and the van had a sign on it saying, ‘Global Repairs’. This triggered something in me – – I began to devise a comedy routine about a rural Mongolian man ringing up this “Global Repair” van because the only car in Mongolia had a flat tyre because it ran over a dead Yak’s skull and the horns punctured the tyre………I talked to myself both as the repair van guy and the Mongolian man for about half an hour, improvising with an energy and frenetic quality I’ve not had for a long long time. And I LOVED it!

6. I got home, made some late night toast with Vegemite on, had a glass of lemon tea, and went onto the computer to play a game called I44 (basically a huge online World War 2 simulator game). During the events of this game, within which I played as a British Commando behind enemy lines in France, I was able to literally out-think our opponents (real people somewhere in the world). I was never really that great at this game, but tonight, after my improvised drive, I was unstoppable. I won our team our mission for tonight (there are ongoing missions, it’s a huge game, literally the whole of Western Europe is simulated and the game never stops, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it).

7. After I BOSSED that mission in that game, I started writing this blog post, and it’s literally been a non-stop writing thing. I haven’t backspaced at all, except for spelling errors.

8. Here’s the conclusion……….in order to stimulate your creativity, it seems to me, you must go on a journey. A journey that challenges you, a journey that forces you to have to think on the fly. A journey without a destination, without a safety net….you simply have to let your wits get you back home. Science agrees with me – – studies have shown that taking a different route to work in the morning increases brain activity quite substantially……nuff said!


Go for a drive, you beautiful people!

Bye. *vrooom*  



One thought on “The Best Creativity Tip In The World!

  1. Road trip!
    Destination unknown is always good!
    Thank you for the lovely drive.

    Posted by Thumbup | June 4, 2015, 7:26 pm

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