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Priorities, folks!

A media symbol by the name of Bruce Jenner, I mean, Caitlyn Jenner, is now shown on every newspaper in the country. A man has become a woman, well done, good for him/her. But……..enough is enough. An Australian soldier was killed in action in the Middle East a few days ago, and this man got a tiny little article written about him in the newspapers, what was the headline though….Caitlyn Jenner is. A man becoming a woman is apparently more important (it is good for her though I suppose to have such worldwide acknowledgement and encouragement) than honouring the soldiers who are fighting literally for our freedom……..dafuq?

Newspapers are declining in popularity for many reasons, and I hope they still keep on slipping down the shitslide until no one reads them anymore, bastards!



2 thoughts on “Priorities, folks!

  1. Newspapers go where they think their audience wants them to go. And you probably get more hits showing photos of Jenner than you’re going to get from any serious news story. I feel the same way you do about pictures of this he/she but I’m afraid we are in the minority.

    Posted by Ken Dowell | June 3, 2015, 11:51 pm

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