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Rich Young Things In Tailored Suits and Needlessly Expensive ‘Bling’ (rant, contains jealousy, a sin)

Can you even pants design?

Can you even pants design?






Those examples above are some noises that automatically seem to come out of my face whenever I come across/meet/have to endure for a short period of time a very particular type of person…….That person can be described as follows, in list form, of course.

1. They are young adults, ranging from ages 18-25, I’d say. Although, many look much older due to what I imagine is due to overuse of tanning solutions etc.

2. They come from money, that is, their parents/family are quite wealthy, and so have obviously spoiled their dumb dumb kids their whole lives. A sense of entitlement sprouts into their heads from this.

3. They dress immaculately, tailored suits for the males along with very tight pants that mysteriously stop just above the usual place where pants stop – – and tailored dresses and flashy hats that look like the end result from an explosion in a fabric shop for the females.

4. They only seem to communicate and hang around with identical types of other rich young things. I’ve done my fair share of internet stalking to get this post to you, so I know one thing…….not in any one of the many thousands of photos these people have posted online have I seen someone who looks like me, for example (I have messy long wavy hair, a slight beard, I’m wearing an old plaid jacket, baggy cargo pants, and steel-toed black shoes).

5. Like the above thing I just said…….they are very, very insular and sectarian in their friendship groups. This is not hard to understand, I suppose most average people like us can’t afford to go to fuckin Miami for a long-weekend party or something.

6. They spend money on things and places that should make them seem cool and interesting, Dolce & Gabbana bags, trips to Miami etc. But, those places and things aren’t very cool, are they? Miami? A partying, drug haven built on top of a damn swamp! No thanks, go to Manhattan or Boston next time, somewhere interesting.

7. They’ve no apparent sense of humor. They make jokes, sure, but they’re jokes that have been circulating around in their insular little groups of 25-40 people for years. If I came into their gang one night, interrupting their group dissection of the situation in Syria, and started to make fun of their strange looking clothes (in an honestly good natured way), I can’t imagine I’d get anything other than pure rage, and then as I was making my way home, they’d possibly have me whacked or some cool shit like that.


I know what you’re thinking – – this post is nothing more than an outburst of jealous anger by myself, and you’d be right…partially. I’m jealous of how many opportunities born-rich people have in life, I’m not jealous of how they live their lives…because they don’t have real lives, in my opinion – – they are unknowing slaves to thoughts and decisions engineered by big luxury corporations and Western media and the entire ‘consume or die’ tidal wave that is currently engulfing all of us….they just aren’t quite as aware as we are of it.

Now I’m outta here, my Rolls Royce Phantom needs cleaning.

Peace out.



4 thoughts on “Rich Young Things In Tailored Suits and Needlessly Expensive ‘Bling’ (rant, contains jealousy, a sin)

  1. Ha Ha! I couldn’t agree more.

    Posted by cornfedcontessa | May 31, 2015, 2:51 pm
  2. Yep that was a rant, a good one probably now you feel much better. I do when I rant. So F…k the rich, we should start a movement and take all their money, just make the world see that they lend it to us but behind the scenes apply some mafia tacticts

    Posted by charlypriest | June 1, 2015, 10:37 am

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