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Historical Events As Told By a Small Child

World War 2

I’ve been teaching my 5 year old nephew about WW2 as best I can. This would seem to be be an impossible task, WW2 was possibly the most complex and multi-faceted conflict in human history, but I’ve been doing the best I can. Here’s how he recounted the story of WW2 (paraphrased in a lot of places)


“The date was in 1939, Mr. Hitler started some trouble with the Polish people. Then, the ‘King’ of England didn’t like this, so he said, “No, Hitler, we are now having a war with you”. Hitler went all over Europe and acted really badly towards towards the France people and the other Europe people. The English and the Australians like we are, fought hard and strongly against Hitler for a couple of years, until the English and Australians couldn’t fight any more, so then, the Americans came in, the Americans helped to end the war faster than we could have ended it by ourself. Also, the Russians were really big in this war. The Russians probably did more to end the war 2 than any of the other countries like England or us in Australia. The Russians lost 20 million people in the war, which is about as many people that live in Australia right NOW! (he raised his voiced largely at this point). WoW!”


That was how he explained the happenings of WW2. It’s pretty damn good if you ask me, more than I ever remembered from High School, that’s for sure.

Although, I’m sad that he neglected to mention that the beginnings of WW2 were happening much earlier than 1939. For example, the JApanese invasions of China and Manchuria in the early thirties, also the Italian invasions of Ethiopia and other places, the Spanish Civil War in the mid-thirties etc. And the fact that, in my opinion, the war in Europe (against fascism) only really ended in 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down.

So, in conclusion, WW2 is far too complex for a 5 year old to grasp, stupid idiot 5 year olds! 🙂




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