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Health Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes (yep, that’s right)


1. Smoking, at least very heavily, in most cases, simply does not allow a person to die from morbid obesity. Smoking cuts down a person’s appetite drastically, makes sense. Exceptions exist, of course.

2. Nicotine has remarkable (potentially) benefits, in terms of fighting off brain diseases in old age, particularly Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Further study needs to be done, but some fruitful findings have already been found.

3. Personally, and I know MANY other smokers, hell, every smoker I know, says that lighting up a smoke in a stressful time, really does calm you down and give you a few short minutes of careful evaluation of the situation, and then go on to deal with that situation much better than if they’d gone through it non-smoking.

4. It’s a great way to meet members of the opposite sex (or same sex). Standing outside a bar or club or pub, smoking away, then suddenly an attractive girl or guy comes up and asks to borrow your lighter, then BOOM! The conversation has already been engaged, the ice has been broken. It’s a wonderful thing, the ‘borrowed lighter’ phenomenon.

5. The stimulating effects (although very mild, but nonetheless they exist) of nicotine and tobacco, according to some people, most notably Stephen King I suppose, help to spark a new avenue of creativity or a brand new idea. If it works for Stephen King (maybe my favourite writer ever) then it’s good enough for me! (even though I’ll possibly die, it’ll be worth it for a few short years of Blogging creativity)

6. Smoking lowers risk of death after some heart attacks – – written by Christopher Wanjek on livescience.com in 2011

“Compared with non-smokers, smokers who have had heart attacks seem to have lower mortality rates and more favorable responses to two kinds of therapy to remove plaque from their arteries: fibrinolytic therapy, which is basically medication; and angioplasty, which removes the plaque by inserting balloons or stents into the arteries.

There’s a catch, though. The reason why smokers have heart attacks is that smoke scars the arteries, allowing fat and plaque to build up in the first place. So, one theory as to why smokers do better than non-smokers after such therapies is that they are younger, experiencing their first heart attack approximately 10 years before the non-smoker.

A study published in an August 2005 issue of the American Heart Journal, however, states that age alone is not enough to fully explain the survival differences and that “the smoker’s paradox is alive and well.”  No alternative theories have been put forth since.”

So, smoking looks cool, it always will, let’s be honest. But it also has some very obscure and roundabout benefits to a person’s health. Now, I urge you to NEVER begin smoking if you’ve never smoked, and if you currently smoke, you most certainly should try to stop. But, smoking is here with us in this day and age, and it should NOT be banned, but it should be given up by people, I think. I smoke. I ‘only’ smoke about 7 or 8 cigarettes a day, I’ve been like this for about 5 years, and although I have not suffered any noticeable detrimental health effects, I know I will have to stop one day.

So, smoke up if you’ve got them, if not, then just don’t……….




4 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes (yep, that’s right)

  1. Everything has its pros and cons 🙂

    Posted by backtowhatever | May 8, 2015, 5:04 pm
    • Some things are terrible, but they make you feel good, and that’s what all the longest-lived communities on Earth have in common – – they eat a lot of fatty meat, alcohol, starchy bread and pasta etc.
      They eat and drink all the things that we’ve all be told are BAD! But they’re the longest living communities on Earth – – and of course community in itself is possibly the most important thing of all. Family and close friends all the time, but who of us can do that? LOL! 🙂

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | May 8, 2015, 6:02 pm
      • The difference between them and us is that they move a bit while we sit in front of computers 🙂 my grandfather smoked all his life, ate fatty things and so on… He was never sick. But he was a farmer and spent all day long in the nature. I think that is the key to a healthy life, eat as much as you want but if it’s fatty let it be something naturally prepared, smoke if you want, but then use your lungs and have a run through a forest sometimes. We just need balance, then our body can deal with it.

        Posted by backtowhatever | May 8, 2015, 6:45 pm
      • Everybody’s different, we’ll have to deal with it at the end of our lives…..somber thought, but there we are…..;)

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | May 8, 2015, 6:57 pm

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