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If I Was The President of the United States of America (Space Exploration would Enhance etc)


If I was the Commander in Chief,

I’d give NASA 50 percent of all the money in America for 4 years, just to see what they could do.

Think of it this way, in 1961, John F. Kennedy put into motion the plan of landing a man on the moon before the decade was out. They managed to do just this, man/men landed on the moon in 1969 (they simply DID land on the moon, if you believe otherwise, you’re an idiot, sorry).

Another way to think of this is like……….well, this…….if China or Russia said that they had in motion very complex and already underway plans to put a military base on the moon………….then the USA and NASA would have a spacecraft ready to intercept and destroy within months! MONTHS!

People say all the time, “If we went to the moon in 1969, then why haven’t we ever gone back since?”

Well, we did go back, a few times in the early 70’s. people forget this. But the real reason for not going back to the moon is quite simple…………..the impetus of global war and showing off, bravado was the ONLY reason the USA went to the moon in the first place. The Soviets and the Americans were waging silent, cold war against one-another, but if the USA could say they’d gone to the moon………then what other types of amazing technologies would they possess. (note – the Soviets themselves NEVER doubted that the USA landed on the moon – whereas young adults who think they know everything say they didn’t land on the moon, the Soviets had their own space program, and planned on their own moon mission, who do you trust here….?)

Space exploration, simply for the sake of it, is a terribly important thing. The miniaturization of technology that we all see in our phones and computers and batteries and so on, came ONLY as a result of the initial moon missions – – they had to make everything on board the spacecraft as small as possible (because to send one pound of anything into space costs 100,000 dollars.) 

There is an inevitably beneficial trickle-down technological aspect to exploring the great beyond, and most of the benefits are yet to be seen by us because NASA’a funding has been cut down by silly amounts!

Get funding space exploration, y’all!




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