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Po Hemme (How To Write Poems)


Rhyming aint no easy task, yo

you gotta pick words that sound similar,

most poems absolutely blow,

but with these small tips, poetry couldn’t be simpler!


Use words with very few syllables,

to not do so, is simply criminal.

evoke emotions and thoughts that evoke emotions and thoughts,

you’ll have em laughing and crying in knots!


Talk about your life, your loves and losses,

you ex-partners and your family members,

your work-life, your horrible bosses!

Make it a message people’ll remember!


Make sure the words reverberate in the minds of the readers,

LOUD, and PROUD, make em the words of a leader!

Words of Churchill, or the lesser, Hitler……

That is the best advice for the poetic scribbler.


Most of all, write about what you know, what you’ve lived,

absurd poetry has no merit, no meaning, no worth,

only then will the fruits of your mind be truthfully unearthed!

nonsense, absurd poems are useful for nothing more than mirth!


Write every day, whether you feel like it or not,

without doing this, your efforts are worth nought!

Write whenever you have any scrap of an idea,

Withholding your poetic feelings’ll turn us into North Korea!.


I’m outta here, cya! 😉



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